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Get a more enjoyable run with Cohesion 7
Get a more enjoyable run with Cohesion 7 shadow
At the core of the Saucony philosophy
At the core of the Saucony philosophy shadow
About Saucony

Committed to producing high-quality Saucony running shoes for men and women, Saucony incorporates the latest technologies to tailor a solution for every individual runner.

Latest Saucony customer reviews
I've purchased Saucony Echelon LE2 several times.
Echelon LE2 Review:
Several years ago I had a stroke and was paralyzed on my left side. I bought a pair of the Saucony Echelon LE2 for support. I've been purchasing these sneakers ever since. The support and quality of this sneaker was an asset in my recovery. My therapy included many hours of walking and exercising. I felt the sturdiness of my Saucony's helped with my overall improvement. After a complete recovery, I still order this product and still feel the support I need. Love my Saucony's.
Best Shoes Ever
Cortana 4 Review:
I bought these shoes to replace my old workout shoes. My daughter has a pair of Saucany shoes and loves them. They are unbelievably comfortable and cushiony. I wore them last week on a trip, and did lots of walking through airports and they were so comfortable. My feet feel well supported, yet they don't feel heavy and stiff like other shoes I've had. The ties are stretchy and easy to adjust. I also like the colors on these, fun and bright and look great with jeans. These are honestly the best workout shoes I've had. I'll definitely buy Saucany shoes again.
my fav
Kinvara 5 Review:
These feel so comfortable. Hardly know they're on. Nice and light. Plus the design makes one feel like a real pro.
This is One Great Shoe"
Triumph ISO Review:
I use these shoes to walk in as well to run; they are very firm but yet flexable: they kept my feet well planted in tight turns. I noticed the shoe was a little tight in a 10.5M and just about 3/8 of an inch long for me in a 11.0M ????
Love them!
Kineta Relay Review:
I bought these shoes to walk in for exercise. The cushy insole is very comfortable. Feels like I am wearing a sock! I'm very pleased with them!

About Saucony

In 1910, Abraham Hyde, a Russian immigrant and cobbler, opened a shoe store in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His specialty was "carpet slippers" made from remnants of colorful old rugs. In 1932, Abraham Hyde created his first athletic footwear: "pleasure skates" for his ice-skating customers. Under the direction of Abraham's son, Maxwell C. Hyde, the athletic line expanded to include baseball shoes, roller boots and bowling shoes.

During World War II, Hyde produced Army boots, and was the only American shoe company to receive the esteemed Army-Navy E Award for manufacturing excellence. After the war, Hyde resumed the production of athletic shoes, and in 1952 purchased the Illinois Athletic Shoe Company. During the '60s the company was chosen by NASA to produce footwear for the early astronauts. The boots worn by the first astronaut to walk in space carried the Hyde label!

In 1968, Hyde again expanded by acquiring the Saucony Shoe Manufacturing Company of Kutztown, Pennsylvania. Saucony running shoes were the closely kept secret of a small group of serious runners until 1977. That year, one of the Saucony shoes was recognized with a best-quality award by a top U.S. magazine. The resulting publicity established the Saucony name and its reputation for the high quality and innovative technical performance for which Saucony athletic shoes are known today.

Since then, Saucony has continued to produce quality shoes for serious and casual athletes, including Saucony walking shoes, Saucony sneakers, running shoes and more.

The popular Saucony ProGrid collection is a favorite among men, women, and child runners of all ages and levels with its cushioned comfort, superior support and stability.