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Join the barefoot revolution with VIVOBAREFOOT minimalist shoes. Free your feet with the collection of VIVOBAREFOOT barefoot running shoes and barefoot walking shoes for women and men.

Latest VIVOBAREFOOT customer reviews
Fantastic shoe!
Porto Review:
I wanted a minimalist shoe I could wear to work. These are the best I've found ABSOLUTLY love them.
So comfortable!
Gobi II Review:
Wear them daily, out and about and even to work on more casual days.
viobarefoot tracker
Tracker Review:
I purchased these boots, for a comfortable, lightweight, and excellent traction. I am very pleased with this purchase.
Really good boots
Tracker Review:
Beautiful boots that will last for a long, long time if you take care of them
2nd pair of Vivo's!
Ultra II Review:
These water/athletic shoes are a great fit at the beach or pool. I bought them in white for the ease of wearing with bathing suits or shorts. You can also wear them for a quick work-out or trip to the grocery store. They really are a wonderful shoe, highly recommend.


Launched in 2004 by Terra Plana, VIVOBAREFOOT is the first minimalist shoe with a patented, ultra-thin, puncture-resistant sole that offers maximum sensory feedback and protection, delivering the next best thing to being barefoot.

VIVOBAREFOOT features a comprehensive line of barefoot shoes that are specifically designed for varying elements, terrains and activities. From high-performance, off-road and trail-running shoes to work shoes, VIVOBAREFOOT shoes offer a total lifestyle solution for men and women as well as a transition from walking to sports.

The VIVOBAREFOOT difference lies in the sole. 70% of your brain's information from movement comes from the nerves on the soles of your feet. The more you can feel the ground, the greater your body's understanding of its surrounding and natural movement.
The ultra-thin (3mm), puncture-resistant sole mimics the benefits of barefoot running while providing protection from sharp and potentially dangerous objects.

As with all Terra Plana products, men's VIVOBAREFOOT shoes and women's VIVOBAREFOOT shoes are produced sustainably, using recycled, locally sourced materials with eco-friendly production techniques in ethical factories. The core foundations of barefoot health run throughout the entire collection and every product comes with an eco-matrix rating of its environmentally friendly components.