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About Tempur-Pedic

Setting the highest standards for lounge-inspired footwear, Tempur-Pedic® creates comfort products that give you the plushness you want and the support you need.

Latest Tempur-Pedic customer reviews
He put his feet into Paradise or so he tells me.
Upslope Review:
The slippers are stylish, supportive and highly comfortable. My son has damaged feet and the slippers provide comfort at the end of a long night standing. He did feel that the slippers needed to loosen up to fit better. He did not say that they are too small but I am keeping an eye on his comfort.
Very comfortable
Raelynn Review:
I had to order these slippers 3x because they run so small. I wear an 8.5 and ended up having to buy a size 10! Worth the wait to get the right size.
Nice but not Wide
Conduction Review:
These were offered in a Wide Width, which I was looking for as a gift for my mother. When they came I saw that the slipper would not work for her--too narrow. Otherwise, this looked like a really comfy well made slipper.
Like the quality, but ran small
Upslope Review:
Arrived very timely to my order. Happy with the quality / make, but seems to run a bit small. Will try to exchange for larger.
Great slippers for stone floors.
Conduction Review:
Slippers have support for walking on hard surfaces, such as stone or wood. The lining is very warm and cuddly. The sleek design is a bonus.

About Tempur-Pedic

If there’s one thing that people know about Tempur-Pedic®, it’s the company's connection with both NASA and Sweden. In the early 1970s, NASA developed a pressure-absorbing material to help cushion and support astronauts during lift-off. The material was temperature-sensitive and it evenly distributed body weight. NASA released this material to the public in the 1980s. Another set of scientists, at the soon-to-be-merged companies Fagerdala in Sweden and Dan-Foam in Denmark, continued development on NASA’s creation. After nearly a decade and millions of research dollars, these “Swedish scientists” perfected TEMPUR® material for use in mattresses.

Over the years, Tempur-Pedic® has expanded their line of mattresses to include pillows, bed linens, cushions, and even a sleep mask. And now the brand is proud to introduce slippers to their highly successful product line.

Setting the highest standards for lounge-inspired footwear, Tempur-Pedic® creates new and better comfort products that give you the plush comfort you want with the support you need. Tempur-Pedic® footwear offers slippers and casual shoes to fit every foot in a range of styles, each equipped with a comfy TEMPUR® insole for indoor and outdoor use.