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About Superfeet

Support the foot and align the body with women's and men's Superfeet insoles. Made for every type of foot and everything you love to do.

Latest Superfeet customer reviews
Great support
hotPINK Review:
Great support
Super Superfeet
Green Premium Insole Review:
I always make sure that I purchase a pair of Superfeet to accompany every pair of running shoes I purchase. They are a quick, easy and comfortable way to improve the arch support in any shoe.
Best thing I ever did for my feet
Green Premium Insole Review:
When I developed a heel spur, my aunt recommended the Superfeet green insole, and it changed everything. Not only do I experience no pain from the spur (as if it isn't even there), but the insoles also correct my stride. I supinate. That means I walk on the outsides of my feet, and the Superfeet have changed that. I walk to work most days, and do a lot of walking while at work, and I don't think I could handle it without the Superfeet.
Delux Women's High Heel 3/4 Review:
I didn't feel much of a difference in my feet while wearing them.
Perfect Size
woolyWHITE™ Review:
Wasn't sure if this insole would fit without some modification, but it fit perfectly into my shoes that I had bought from "Online". These are my work shoes and I am on my feet about 7 hrs a day. I have flat feet and had been experiencing some foot pain and also have been diagnosed with heel spurs. This insole, along with the proper shoe has afforded me comfortable pain-free days on the job. The only question I have is, when the time comes, what is the best way to clean them.

About Superfeet

Superfeet Worldwide Inc. is the premium over-the-counter insole industry's leading designer and manufacturer. As the sports division of Northwest Podiatric Laboratory, Superfeet began designing and fabricating custom insoles in the mid-1970s.

The founders of Superfeet, doctors Dennis N. Brown, D.Sc. (Hon) and Christopher Smith D.P.M. own and operate Northwest Podiatric Laboratory in Washington State.

Brown and Smith have been working on feet for over 45 years. They estimate they have personally worked on over one million pairs of feet during that time. Smith taught at the California College of Podiatry for over 25 years, and was bestowed the honor of Professor Emeritus for Biomechanics upon his retirement. Both are acknowledged by their peers as pioneers of cutting edge technology in the craft and science of podiatry.

The shape and design of every Superfeet insole reflects the founders' 45+ years of knowledge and experience as leaders in the podiatric field.

Since its inception almost 30 years ago, Superfeet has consistently and successfully created premium insoles for different types of feet, different activities and sports.

Whether you like to run, walk, cycle or ski, Superfeet insoles are for you. Explore your options—including Superfeet blue, Superfeet berry, Superfeet green insoles and more.