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About Spring Step

Spring Step creates European-influenced comfort shoes for women, with top-quality materials and a flair for fashion.

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Latest Spring Step customer reviews
Comfortable and stylish
Orella Review:
Great customer service and fast delivery, as always!
I love these shoes
Bardot Review:
These are really well made, comfortable unique shoes. I really like them
I will buy this product again
Woolin Review:
Love the clog style of shoes
Comfy, stylish but dont stay on my feet!
Orella Review:
Wore these shoes to my grand-daughter's wedding this weekend. They were the perfect style and height however I was so embarrassed that the shoe would not stay on my feet as I walked up the aisle at the church. I could hardly walk in these shoes all evening. I added another hole to the back strap and that didn't change anything. I put the buckle on the last hole of the strap which was very uncomfortable and my toe hung out the front peephole. Is it too late to return these shoes after I have worn them?
Ferrara Review:
Clean-cut, versatile

About Spring Step

Spring Step is the flagship brand of the Spring Footwear Corp., which was founded by David and Avi Ben-Zikry in 1991. The company's mission from the beginning has remained constant: To create comfortable shoes at affordable prices and create a comfort experience for the end user.

From its inception, Spring Step has focused on providing European–influenced comfort fashion, featuring top-quality leathers that are constructed with the most advanced materials. Spring Step features anatomically designed and molded footbeds that provide a soft and supportive environment for the foot. Most shoes are made on poly–flex unit bottoms that are shock absorbent, lightweight and flexible. Our classic styles maintain a keen eye on fashion and deliver a comfortable fit for everyday wear. Spring Step are the essentials for your feet, and the shoes you can depend on for all season, all reasons, and for every need.

Spring Step — Comfort that Fits Your Life