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About Spira

Featuring WaveSpring® technology for stress reduction and energy return, Spira Footwear offers a wide selection of shoes for the athlete in every man and woman.

Latest Spira customer reviews
Awesome Shoe
Classic Leather Review:
Thank you for Spira Technology...have also just purchased my 2nd. pr. that are even more comfortable, the Camoflage......the 3rd. pr. will be for casual dress, church etc. I retired from railroad & am having ankle & other arthuritis issues in spira tech. is really helping me walk better...
stops all pain in feet and legs,great st
Classic Leather Review:
shoes are very comfortable for all wife at 66 says she will were these shoes from now on.
Online shoes/ Spira Classic
Classic Leather Review:
First and foremost I have bought shoes from Online Shoes for many years and during that time I have also experimented with other companies and I now ONLY buy from Online Shoes. They are dependable, honest and seem to run a company with INTEGRITY. As a Law Enforcement Officer this is very important to me. I have never had any trouble with them To all...Buy from them! Insofar as Spira, the cushion is great but buy a shoe that is half size larger and be ready for it to be slightly heavy. Also when they wear the spring will be the first thing that will pop out as this is the stress points. If you are looking for a shoe that will give you lift this is not it. It will support you but that is it. I also bought a pair in the past to run since I had to make time and it made no difference.
Comfort, Support and Quality
Classic Leather Review:
I tried a number of shoe-sneakers over the years. Spira is theee BEST shoe I've had in terms of comfort, support, and quality. I don't sweat at all in these. I could wear them all day and not get tired or want to pull them off. They make your feet feel GOOOD! They may not be so pretty, but they great otherwise. I definitely would recommend them.
Very comfortable
Stinger XLT Review:
Fast service as always

About Spira

For years, athletic and comfort shoe engineers have been trying to create a buffer between the foot and the road. Breaking new ground for athletes everywhere, Spira Footwear found the solution: WaveSpring® technology.

Spira Footwear, a young company currently based out of El Paso, Texas, is gaining national attention with its remarkable athletic running shoes and walking shoes. Spira engineers have developed WaveSpring® technology, which is an energy return system that works with the ground by sending expended energy back to the wearer. Unlike traditional shoe midsoles made primarily of foams, rubber compounds or polymers, WaveSpring® technology stores and disburses energy with every step and making it easier to stand, walk, run and compete.

Spira heel and forefoot spring configurations are engineered for specific activities to meet individual needs. Spira Footwear believes that WaveSpring® technology has the potential to revolutionize the footwear industry and, in the process, forever change the purpose and function of footwear.

One of the remarkable benefits of the WaveSpring® is its ability to reduce peak impact forces by about 20% over traditional midsole materials. When engaged in high impact activity like running or jumping, where peak impact is four to five times body weight, a reduction of 20% is quite significant. It is as if a 200 lb person suddenly weighs 160 lbs for purposes of determining stress on the body. The stress reduction can in turn reduce injury and allow for faster recovery time following vigorous activity. offers a wide selection of Spira shoes for men and women. Spring into action with Spira Footwear at today!