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About P.W. Minor

P.W. Minor footwear has established a collection of comfort and health-focused designs for men and women who live the lifestyle they want to live.

Latest P.W. Minor customer reviews
Performance Walker DX2 Review:
This is what I was looking for. A comfortable shoe.
Just the right shoe for my special needs.
Carnegie Review:
Best online experience I have had to date from any vendor or any product.
"The Triumph is well worth the money spent."
Triumph Review:
My Triumph shoes will be used for walking. The shoes can be worn right out of the box; no need to break them in. Great support! I added another cushion insert because of foot issues including heel spurs and plantar fascia. The design is nice but, wish more colors with a white base were offered.
2nd time I buy this shoe.
Sofia Review:
Very comfortable shoe.
Good product, service deficient.
Quartz Review:
Good quality. Comfortable.

About P.W. Minor

Established in 1867 by Civil War veterans, P.W. Minor has been producing footwear for people with diabetes, arthritis and foot trauma for over 140 years. Today, they offer a variety of products for these special needs, as well as for people who just want to wear comfortable shoes.

The P.W. Minor women's collection combines style and comfort and features shoes that offer extra support and orthopedic benefits without sacrificing looks. The men's collection features athletic to medical to boots and everything in between.

P.W. Minor is produced in the United States.