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About P.W. Minor

P.W. Minor footwear has established a collection of comfort and health-focused designs for men and women who live the lifestyle they want to live.

Latest P.W. Minor customer reviews
Absolutely the best rocker bottom for diabetic fee
Diamond Review:
My foot specialist changed me to a rocker bottom walking shoe due to diabetic neuropathy and Charcot foot in both feet. I have been searching for a very long time for something that felt good, was stable, and looked like a sneaker. I went through two brands of shoes that were horrible for me. Then I thought I would try PW Minor. This company (although changed hands about 1 1/2 yrs ago) has been around for most of my diabetic journey, 45 years. I thought I would give these a try and they are the best shoes for walking I have ever had. Comfortable, stable, sneaker looking and good for my long walks. I am glad to find an online store that sells this brand. They were a great purchase for me.
My Opinion
Park Avenue Review:
I really need a 5E shoe at this point will continue to search for a quality shoe unfortunately I had to return as they were to tight
Perfect 4 me
Grand Central Review:
Double depth for Orthodics
Excellent service, quality shoes.
Leisure Review:
We were hoping that this was a fix, but my wife found them too narrow.
Very satisfied
Triumph Review:
Walk every day and need a good shoe for a bone spur and these shoes appear to be able to do what I need from a shoe

About P.W. Minor

Established in 1867 by Civil War veterans, P.W. Minor has been producing footwear for people with diabetes, arthritis and foot trauma for over 140 years. Today, they offer a variety of products for these special needs, as well as for people who just want to wear comfortable shoes.

The P.W. Minor women's collection combines style and comfort and features shoes that offer extra support and orthopedic benefits without sacrificing looks. The men's collection features athletic to medical to boots and everything in between.

P.W. Minor is produced in the United States.