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Oboz creates footwear for the outdoor enthusiast, with women's and men's hiking and multisport styles for experiencing the great outdoors.

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Great hiking/walking shoes!
Sawtooth Low Review:
I have been looking for walking shoes that will give me arch support as well as durability. I've bought walking shoes before that are specific for walking but these shoes I find meet my requirements. What's great, is that these shoes are really hiking shoes which means they can pretty much handle any terrain. They're light weight and they're pretty too. Love them.
Really good quality shoe
Sawtooth Low Review:
This item was a gift from my father for my birthday. If you are someone who does a lot of walking and you are looking for a nice and comfortable shoe, then you should consider looking into the Oboz Sawtooth Low. This is a shoe that was designed for hiking so it was made to handle fairly rough terrain. If you are someone that likes go on hikes or even if you like to take leisurely walks then the Sawtooh Low will be a great asset to you. PROS This product is perfect if you are looking for a shoe that is: • Comfortable • Breathable • Durable • Stable • Supportive • Cushioning CONS The main drawbacks of the Oboz Sawtooth Low are: • Lack of Traction • Not water proofed. • May be heavy It does not get very good traction on floors hard floors such as tile, wood, or linoleum, so make sure that you wipe your feet well before you encounter a hard surfaced floor. Although these shoes may get wet in the event of precipitation, the water will not seep through the shoes provided that you can prevent the entire shoe being covered by water, be sure to avoid puddles. A simple solution would be to purchase a water proofing agent along with the shoe. The Sawtooth may be a little on the heavy side for some but it is breathable. You can rest assured that even while doing physical activity your feet will be kept cool. The Sawtooth is also very good for individuals that have had complications to their feet; a broken bone for example. The combination of the Sawtooth's durability, cushioning, stability, and arch and ankle support will be very helpful in the event of a broken bone or other foot ailments such as flat-footedness or high arches. This is a fantastic feature since many other shoes don't come with insoles with such quality; yet, the Sawtooh is competitively priced with those other shoes.
great shoe
Bridger Low BDry Review:
I got these shoes for daily 5 mile exercise walking and jogging on mixed paved and unpaved trail. For me they are perfect. Perfect fit, shoes have a really nice aggressive grip. Note: these are not light running shoes, so somebody who wants to go fast would find them bulky or heavy. But for walking and slow jogging they are the perfect balance of low weight with sturdiness. So far the waterproofing is good, but I haven't had them long, so I can't comment on how that will hold up over time. I like the plain styling, but that's how I am, averse to logos and flashy stripes and stuff.
Great Light Hiker
Teewinot Review:
The shoe has styling and is very comfortable. I ordered it a 1/2 size larger for Light hiking. If it had been bought for heavy hiking, I could have used a full size larger for extra toe room. It is well made and the in sole has a very comfortable high arch. I do not need to buy an in step for this shoe. That was a plus. Very comfortable.
New brand for me, love it!
Bridger Mid BDry Review:
I bought this shoe for my husband for work. He needs a waterproof, comfortable shoe because he's on his feet all day, working in a shop and outside in all kinds of weather. This shoe was comfortable from the moment he tried it on. His feet are very happy, therefore, his legs and back are happy too!

About Oboz

Oboz creates footwear for outdoor use with meaningful innovation, solid performance and recognizable quality. Founded on the philosophy that there is no trade off between life and sport, Oboz believes in fusing life and sport. The name Oboz comes from "outside Bozeman" — the company's home base.

The company is owned and operated by a small group of passionate industry veterans and life–long outdoor enthusiasts. The phrase True To The Trail™ is used as a guiding principle to help the company stay consistent with their vision for creating Oboz Footwear.