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Oboz creates footwear for the outdoor enthusiast, with women's and men's hiking and multisport styles for experiencing the great outdoors.

Latest Oboz customer reviews
I would buy this product again.
Bridger Low BDry Review:
I usually wind up in shoes too small for my size 12.5 - 13 feet, and find my toes hitting. I was resigned to this, and then I got these Oboz. They are great! I am discarding any and every shoe which causes any discomfort, and filling my closet with different types of Oboz. Maybe they make dressier shoes, too!
Very Comfortable!
Yellowstone II BDry Review:
I've been trying to find a comfortable hiking boot for a long time and this is it!
Oboz is my favorite brand of hiking shoes.
Sawtooth Low BDry Review:
I wil be using these shoes for day hikes.
They deliver!
Yellowstone BDry Review:
I work as a surveyor. Hike 10 hrs/day 4 days/week plus leisure hiking on weekends. I expect my footwear to give me the control I need to withstand rocks, steep ledges, slippery conditions, brush, wetlands, heat etc. and still support my feet and legs without pain. After spending more money on "higher-end" boots with an "advanced footbed"- (which in reality was made of PAPER.... truth!) and finding the soles to wear prematurely- (ie: within a year) NOT to be waterproof, as stated. I had acute pain in my achilles and ankles from other boots so I hesitantly bought these Oboz-Yellowstone on the advise from the sales woman. They have delivered the control I need and, so far, after 4 months, are wearing well. They are very comfortable, hug my feet and remain cool and dry. Very happy with them.
This is a great hiking boot
Sphynx BDry Review:
Hiking and mountain climbing.

About Oboz

Oboz creates footwear for outdoor use with meaningful innovation, solid performance and recognizable quality. Founded on the philosophy that there is no trade off between life and sport, Oboz believes in fusing life and sport. The name Oboz comes from "outside Bozeman" — the company's home base.

The company is owned and operated by a small group of passionate industry veterans and life–long outdoor enthusiasts. The phrase True To The Trail™ is used as a guiding principle to help the company stay consistent with their vision for creating Oboz Footwear.