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About Oboz

Oboz creates footwear for the outdoor enthusiast, with women's and men's hiking and multisport styles for experiencing the great outdoors.

Latest Oboz customer reviews
Best shoe for trails
Sawtooth Low Review:
I wear these shoes all day every day. Most of the time is spent in buildings and on pavement, but I also hike at least fifteen miles of dirt and rock trails per week. These Oboz Sawtooth shoes are my first exposure to Oboz shoes, and I must say I'm impressed. The tread is wide which provides great stability, and aggressive which provides great traction on the trails. The shoes offer extremely good support and protection from rocks and uneven terrain. I have to withhold judgement of durability until I have the opportunity to put more trail miles on the shoes. Now to the comfort of the shoe. I switched to these shoes from Merrill Moab Ventilators. I had been wearing the Merrill shoes for about five months, but they had been broken down for the last three months (I couldn't bring myself to replace shoes that were that new). Consequently, my feet had begun to break down and would be painful in the shoes as well as out of the shoes. When I started wearing these shoes, I immediately felt the support, but my feet started aching almost immediately. After wearing the shoes for several days, my feet regained a healthy shape, and stopped hurting. I want to emphasize these shoes have SUPPORT. A person with flat feet might find the arch support uncomfortable, but I personally appreciate the excellent foot support this shoe provides.
Oboz Luna
Luna Review:
I have two pairs of Oboz and I love them both. I have had multiple knee surgeries and if I don't wear good shoes, my knee starts hurting. These shoes fit very well, aren't heavy, yet have great support. I don't have any issues with my knee when I wear them. They are also quiet, which is a plus. That sounds crazy, I know, but I can wear these in the house and I am not squeaking or clomping around like I would be in other shoes. The only reason I did not give five stars is because I found these shoes to be slippery when walking on wet surfaces.
Great Shoe
Sundog Review:
Shoes had great support.
I would buy these again...and I did
Sundog Review:
This is the 2nd pair of these shoes...both colors...both fit the same and feel very good...the feel is close to going barefoot...
"Out of the box and perfect"
Sawtooth Low Review:
I like a toe box that doesn't pinch, so this is the shoe for me. I took them out of the box and went on a weekend backpacking trip. No problem at all.

About Oboz

Oboz creates footwear for outdoor use with meaningful innovation, solid performance and recognizable quality. Founded on the philosophy that there is no trade off between life and sport, Oboz believes in fusing life and sport. The name Oboz comes from "outside Bozeman" — the company's home base.

The company is owned and operated by a small group of passionate industry veterans and life–long outdoor enthusiasts. The phrase True To The Trail™ is used as a guiding principle to help the company stay consistent with their vision for creating Oboz Footwear.