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About Oboz

Oboz creates footwear for the outdoor enthusiast, with women's and men's hiking and multisport styles for experiencing the great outdoors.

Latest Oboz customer reviews
Great shoe!
Missoula Review:
I wear these shoes all the time. The style fits with everything I wear and with everything I do. Because of their versatility, I get more bang for my buck! This is the second pair of these shoes I have purchased and I couldn't be happier. The sole hardens up after time (2 years) which is to be expected from eva. However, the shoe has held beautifully. I could not find these in a store and Onlineshoes had the best price and great service
Sawtooth Low Review:
Very best quality overall! Superb!! Can't explain it...just get one and try it and you'll know what I mean. Bought this thru and great deals, great selections, great online service and great speedy delivery!
Bridger BDry....Cool!
Bridger BDry Review:
I dont know if "I'm into Shoes" ~ but I believe Shoes are important for your feet and the rest of your body. So I, bought (twice) Oboz Sawthooth Mid BDry, AWW THE BEST, and I was looking for the same but in total black color (so I can use it for work) and sure enough their is another line of shoe named Bridger BDry and I bought two! Not knowing how they will feel but I trust Oboz product and when I received it and broke it down in in about a good week and DAHBOOM!!~DANG!!~I LOVE IT!!! Thank You Oboz's staffs and the creator of Oboz Thank You Thank You Thank You!
Great "everything" shoe.
Sawtooth Low Review:
These shoes are especially great for me because they are very flexible in terms of comfort & adjustable space: I can loosen them around my big toe joint/ball of foot where I need my shoe to be less tight & need more room but still fit snugly around the ankle & accomodate my orthotic inserts--& that's just on my right foot. and they are really durable: i wear that at the gym, for gardening/yard work, dog walking, & everyday use. I have several pairs and I rotate usage.
Bridgers are a must 4 wide feet
Bridger BDry Review:
I am a casual hiker, cyclist and kayaker. So things get a little wet where I go. I have the predecessor of this boot, the Yellowstone 2 in size 11, and they were fantastic mid hiking boots. But I have a very wide foot so I ordered the Bridger's in size 10.5W. The Bridgers definitely fit my wide foot better. I am a 10.5 4E width. But they are taking a little bit of time to break in, unlike the Yellowstone 2's. The Yellowstone 2's required zero break-in. I think the Bridgers will get there but the Nubuck leather tongue is pretty stiff. Two issues with it, 1. The fold on the medial side of the tongue put some pressure on the top left front of my foot left red marks and was painful for a couple of hikes, 2. The top of the tongue is also stiff and rubs the front on my leg. After lacing I pulled the tongue out and away and everything is fine. After getting them wet the leather seemed to conform better and I haven't had a problem. I think theses will be fantastic boots once they fully break in. Also an important point; I have plantar fasciitis and both the Bridger's and Yellowstone 2's have excellent arch support. The insoles are plain amazing. I have zero plantar pain when I wear them. I am pretty much sold on Oboz for life.

About Oboz

Oboz creates footwear for outdoor use with meaningful innovation, solid performance and recognizable quality. Founded on the philosophy that there is no trade off between life and sport, Oboz believes in fusing life and sport. The name Oboz comes from "outside Bozeman" — the company's home base.

The company is owned and operated by a small group of passionate industry veterans and life–long outdoor enthusiasts. The phrase True To The Trail™ is used as a guiding principle to help the company stay consistent with their vision for creating Oboz Footwear.