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About Oboz

Oboz creates footwear for the outdoor enthusiast, with women's and men's hiking and multisport styles for experiencing the great outdoors.

Latest Oboz customer reviews
Nice off road walking shoe.
Teewinot Review:
In person, this shoe looks big and bulky, but it's oh so comfortable. Seems to be a little wider than normal, but will simply wear a thicker sock.
Great shoes !
Sundog Review:
Shoes feel comfortable right from the start and lol great. Only thing is they feel a little to precise but, with the great service at Onlineshoes, you can order the next size and when they arrive one can compare both sizes and just return the ones that feel less perfect.
Sawtooth Low Review:
I wear them for work everyday and I golf in them too and they grip very well.
Holy arch support, Batman!
Traverse Low Review:
Too much arch support compared to everything else I've tried. My arch is the leaf spring suspension I need, so why impede that?
Smiling Feet!
Sawtooth Low Review:
This is an execellent shoe however need to have wider width.

About Oboz

Oboz creates footwear for outdoor use with meaningful innovation, solid performance and recognizable quality. Founded on the philosophy that there is no trade off between life and sport, Oboz believes in fusing life and sport. The name Oboz comes from "outside Bozeman" — the company's home base.

The company is owned and operated by a small group of passionate industry veterans and life–long outdoor enthusiasts. The phrase True To The Trail™ is used as a guiding principle to help the company stay consistent with their vision for creating Oboz Footwear.