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About Mountrek

Mountrek shoes and boots are designed to suit your active lifestyle. From hiking to trekking to camping and kicking back, Mountrek offers outdoor footwear that inspires the spirit of adventure.

About Mountrek

Mountrek’s parent company, Jimlar Corporation a pioneer in the footwear industry, was founded in 1956. Jimlar was founded by Victor and Madeleine Tarica and has been in operation for more than 35 years by their two sons, Jim and Larry, who joined the company in 1962 and 1971 respectively.
Jimlar Corporation founded Mountrek to develop a new kind of outdoor shoe. As people step away from computers and head outside to balance the worries of the work day, Mountrek provides performance-driven, technically advanced footwear that helps people safely and comfortably pursue outdoor passion alongside their contemporary lifestyles.

The Mountrek collection made its debut in 2001 and has become an increasingly popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts. Mountrek shoes for women and men's Mountrek shoes and boots combine sport-specific function with the practical features of everyday use. The enthusiastic Mountrek team of designers has expanded the line to include functional hikers, water shoes, running shoes and sandals, all with the latest technology and styling.

Celebrate the great outdoors and modern engineering with Mountrek shoes and Mountrek boots. Let Mountrek become the familiar friend you never leave behind.