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Minnetonka moccasins, boots and shoes represent casual comfort and fresh fashion for men and women. Choose from Minnetonka classic styles and trend-driven seasonal choices.

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Worth Waiting For!
Hello Kitty® Fringe Boot Review:
I've worn these boots to a ladies' night out with my friends as well as a day shopping with my Mom and sister. Taking them out of the box, I was thrilled and squealed like a kid who just walked into a candy store. They're a very polite nod to Hello Kitty, while not too froo-froo or frilly. I hadn't owned a pair of Minnetonkas since I found a pair of moccassins in a second-hand store when I was a child. Wait, no - I still have those. Anyways, this brand has a good history (and a little of an emotional one) with my family from when I was very young and all of the ladies in my family had a pair of their loafers. When I put them on, the experience is magical. Now, as I've already noted above - the black dye from the leather *does* get onto my big toe nail through my cutesy knee-socks. As I remember that's always been a side-effect that tapered off with wear. My sister had suede leather spray, which was awesome - I couldn't wait to wear my new boots and it was raining when we went out. With the spray (and avoiding puddles in the light rains), my boots survived very nicely. I wore mine with vintage-style dresses, they just made the outfits a more sophisticated/grown up version of playful.
Minnetonka boot side zip with conch feather
Concho Feather Side Zip Boot Review:
The Maccosins I ordered arrived super fast. I have a bad knee problems, and these moccasins fit so nice and are very comfortable. They're made very well and I love the look. I cannot say a bad thing about them.
I have been wearing Minnetonka since the 1970's
Moosehide Classic Review:
Comfortable for casual wear, moose hide is as soft and supple as it gets. Made in this hemisphere, quality seems as good as it ever was and the price is about what it was 20 years ago. A good value for the quality.
Love them
Chesney Scuff Review:
I like to wear slippers when I come home from work and with the nice sole I can go outside without having to change my shoes.
Awesome value and exceptional service
Double Bottom Cowhide Driving Moc Review:
Great value and extremely exceptional customer service

About Minnetonka

Minnetonka moccasins define a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle. As the premier moccasin maker for more than 50 years, Minnetonka provides a wide variety of styles, including Minnetonka slippers. All of their products are made with a strong commitment to providing shoppers with the best quality product at a fair price. Minnetonka fringe boots, suede boots and shoes have become an icon of casual style.

Minnetonka is a family company that has been committed to the principles of quality, comfort, style, and value ever since it was founded in 1946. Strict quality control guidelines are followed from the selection of the materials to be used, through construction and crafting of the products, to providing the best in customer service. Every step of the process is important to the people at Minnetonka.

Minnetonka shoes and boots are frequently featured on television entertainment shows and in fashion magazines. Their iconic style lives on, especially with the easy-to-spot Minnetonka fringe.