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About Merrell

Merrell hiking boots, trail-running shoes and outdoor apparel are built on Merrell’s heritage of quality and innovative technologies, offering comfort and performance, on- or off-trail.

Latest Merrell customer reviews
Stick like glue; Warm as Toast
Silversun Zip Waterproof Review:
The boots are stylish and don't feel heavy and cloddish like many boots do. I have Parkinsons' Diseases and must be very careful walking under icy or slick conditions. The non-slick sole is absolutely that without being heavy or clumsy looking.
very comfortable
Jungle Moc Review:
All around use
The only way to shop
Jungle Moc Review:
Great style, comfortable and easy to put on and off. Durable, stylish and fasionalbe.
The best!!
Jungle Moc Review:
I've had these shoes for a couple of years and I'm about to buy two more pairs because I wear them so much that I have worn them out. We just got back from a trip to Europe and although I also brought boots and flats, I wore only these shoes because they are so comfy. I have plantar fasciitis and I was able to walk all day every day for 9 days straight. I recommend these shoes for travel and for every day.
my feet are my tires.
Jungle Moc Review:
no other shoes fits and comforts me.

About Merrell

Achieve. Never settle. Hit the trail. OUT.PERFORM.™

Merrell's challenge is clear. For more than 26 years, since its inception in the Green Mountains of Vermont, Merrell has been providing adventurers with high-quality performance outerwear. Merrell hiking boots and shoes are the cornerstone of an active lifestyle.

In 1981, Randy Merrell began making outdoor footwear that was inspired by custom boots designed for that legendary American icon, the cowboy. Randy's goal for his outdoor boots and shoes was to strike the right balance between a snug heel fit and a roomy toe to prevent blisters and decrease foot shock. They also had to fit perfectly, like a pair of well-loved, broken-in cowboy boots.

From these beginnings evolved today's extensive line of Merrell boots, Merrell sandals and a wide variety of sport and casual shoes.

As the needs of the outdoor enthusiasts have changed, so too has Merrell's approach to addressing those needs. Over time, the concept of "outdoor" has broadened to include all types of activities and environments—both wilderness and urban. Merrell is driven to keep pace with this evolution of "The New Outdoor," and continues to evolve. Collections including Merrell Chameleon offer options for trail-to-street use. Styles in the popular Merrell Jungle Moc family—iconic in the "aftersport" category—function as ideal accessories to a casual lifestyle.

Merrell offers an increasingly vast and varied selection of outdoor gear for men, women and kids, ranging from rugged hiking boots to lightweight running shoes to protective clothing to gear and accessories. At you'll find Merrell shoes, boots and clothing to match every outdoor enthusiast's needs, as well as Merrell walking shoes, casual shoes, sandals, and the innovative Merrell Barefoot collection—minimalist trail, street, water and running shoes that offer a whole new way to experience a more natural stride. Explore men’s Merrell Barefoot shoes and women’s Merrell Barefoot shoes and go "barefoot" today!