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About Injinji

Free your toes with Injinji toesocks. From athletic pursuits to travel to casual wear, these women's and men's socks create a healthy, comfortable environment for your feet to perform.

About Injinji

Founded in 1999 by brothers Joaquin and Randuz Romay, Injinji set out to re-design the basic structure and shape of the traditional sock. Their intentions were to create the best possible interface that allowed the foot to perform naturally and freely inside shoes, just like being barefoot. By combining the comfort and dexterity of bare feet with the protection of a seamless sock, the Injinji line of Performance Toesocks™ was developed.

In additional to the Performance Toesock™, Injinji offers toesocks for travel, athletic pursuits, outdoor activities and everyday casual socks. Engineered with five separate toe sleeves, each toe sock fully utilizes the natural function of the foot from heel to toes, providing advantages such as eliminating friction, managing moisture, and strengthening the muscles in the foot and leg for a more comfortable and healthy environment.

In 2008, Injinji was recognized in the medical community for the numerous health benefits of the Performance Toesock™ Series and was awarded the prestigious American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance. The Injinji team continues to provide and develop quality products and spread their innovative Injinji toesock technology one foot at a time.