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Finn Comfort are the best
Newport Review:
Love Finn Comfort shoes due to comfort, fit, and quality of constructionm
An excellent choice.
Alamo Review:
These shoes are light yet firm and supportive, comfortable from the first time I put them on. Excellent choice, if you have to spend a lot of time on your feet. They accept an orthotic nicely.
Love the shoes!
Jamaica Review:
A little wider than previous shoes. Same style Go figure.
I love these sandals!
Jamaica Review:
I have three pair of Finn Comfort sandals. I wear one of them almost every day all summer. They are the most comfortable, best fitting shoes I own.
Yes, they are worth it.
Gomera Review:
I purchased my first Finn Comfort shoes years ago and still wear them occasionally. These new ones are much more stylish and just as comfortable.

About Finn Comfort

As many as 150 craftsman work on the completion of each pair of hand-crafted Finn Comfort walking shoes, sandals, clogs and golf shoes. Still made in the original factory, Finn Comfort shoes have been meticulously designed and sewn by hand for comfort and health since 1945 in the village of Hassfurt in the German state of Bavaria.

The time-honored skills of old European shoe-making are blended with state-of-the-art technology to create healthful, natural, comfort footwear for men and women.

The Finn Comfort shoe collection includes anatomically contour-molded and ergonomically designed walking shoes made of cork, hevea latex from rubber trees, woven layers of jute and chrome-free, hypoallergenic tanned suede.

The shock-absorbing Finn Comfort footbeds are orthopedically designed to encourage good posture, naturally propel your gait from heel to toe, ease hip strain, promote proper foot function, and can be removed for overnight airing and hand washing.

Finn Comfort calls its Finnamic shoes “personal trainers for your feet.” The Finnamic rocker sole improves posture and promotes a natural gait. Gentle on your joints, knees, discs and spine, the Finn Comfort Shoe Rocking Sole relieves unnecessary strain on your foot while stabilizing the entire body and increasing stamina.

Suitable for custom orthotics, the Finn Comfort Prevention collection provides comfort and support for diabetic foot care. This collection helps protect against foot injuries by shielding sensitive areas from friction and abrasion, while gently supporting the arch, bones and joints of the foot.