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About Feetures

Feetures! produces high-tech performance socks with premium comfort for running, hiking, cycling and more.

About Feetures

Modern technology comes to the sock. Every offering from Feetures! integrates state–of–the–art research to get the most in comfort and performance. The result of this intense focus is a sock that fits perfectly even during strenuous exercise, that allows maximal comfort, and that wicks moisture.

Among the key traits of Feetures! socks are a "perfect toe", or a toe without any seam. In addition, construction includes Lycra and Nylon to allow for better fit, and CoolMax, a special moisture–wicking fabric that keeps the foot environment at its most healthy.

Boasting superior fit and feel, Feetures! socks help you get to the next level on the track, road, bike, or anywhere you need more from your footwear.