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About Dr. Scholl's

The Original Doctor Scholl’s footwear stands on the principals of unique fashion and exceptional comfort. Breathing excitement into a woman’s casual collection with a trusted name underfoot.

Latest Dr. Scholl's customer reviews
Sizes don't jive
Joliet Review:
This shoe is so cute and versatile. I wanted it to work. I've tried different sizes/widths in it. Nothing seems to fit. The sizing doesn't seem to match other shoes/styles, even by Dr. Scholl's.
Havent worn them yet...
Kimberly Review:
Bought these for nursing school this summer and haven't worn them yet. They look much cuter than a lot of other nursing shoes Ive seen. Tried them on and they felt comfortable and fit like expected.
Stylish and comfortable
Anna Review:
I have planter fasciitis do I put in a smart feet insole but love the look of them and they are comfortable with the insole.
My fifth pair of Harringtons
Harrington Review:
The worst thing about these great shoes is that they eyelets through which the laces pass have sharp edges, and tend to tear up the laces.I found this to be true of my first three pairs of Harringtons, and from the first day I wore my last two pairs, the laces began to fray. More care should be taken in their manufacture.
Comfort is key!
Premont Review:
These are the single most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. The sole is like a cushion for your feet. They are cute, comfortable, casual shoes. like the old wooden Dr. Scholls in style - single wide strap sandal -- but no hard wooden soles. I only wish there were more colors to choose from.