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The Original Doctor Scholl’s footwear stands on the principals of unique fashion and exceptional comfort. Breathing excitement into a woman’s casual collection with a trusted name underfoot.

Latest Dr. Scholl's customer reviews
Harlow Review:
I choose function over form but with these boots I get BOTH!
These are great!
Original Collection London Review:
These are great little booties! The shaft height is perfect and they really hug the ankle. Very comfortable, liked them so much I ordered them in black too!
Water shoes
Naveeniii Review:
Hoping these last as long as my other water aerobics shoes and they are much less expensive.
Great Shoes
Naveeniii Review:
I am very satisfied ,the order was received promptly, the shoe is good quality and I am very satisfied.
Light Weight Love!
Harlow Review:
I buy shoes for the function over form however, these boots are really stylish and so light weight I forget I am wearing them. When I get home the first thing I usually do is kick off my shoes because my feet always hurt and with these boots I FORGET that I am wearing them and it's not until I am changing into comfort clothes that I take them off. I only with they were real leather.