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The Original Doctor Scholl’s footwear stands on the principals of unique fashion and exceptional comfort. Breathing excitement into a woman’s casual collection with a trusted name underfoot.

Latest Dr. Scholl's customer reviews
Great Buy!
Dance Review:
These shoes look great, are extremely comfortable, can be dressed up and down and they can be yours for a reasonable price. I wish they came in assorted colors! After my daughter saw them, she immediately ordered a pair.
Fit like slippers.
Joliet Review:
I have several pair and hope Dr. Scholls brings back these. The insoles,I believe, make them super comfy to walk all day in.
Great Shoes
Friendly Review:
Looks great with several different outfits.
Light and comfortable!
Persue Review:
I use these tennis shoes to wear around the house and to go walking.They are not heavy or feel tight.
The best feeling shoes ever
Dance Review:
They are really comfortable and I would also ask if it's possible for the show to be made closed in at the top or even make smaller holes at the top instead of so big so we can were them in a hospital setting because I had to return mine back because Of the big opening at the toes area besides that it's the best shoe.