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About Dr. Scholl's

The Original Doctor Scholl’s footwear stands on the principals of unique fashion and exceptional comfort. Breathing excitement into a woman’s casual collection with a trusted name underfoot.

Latest Dr. Scholl's customer reviews
Great boots!
Original Collection London Review:
loved the boots. simple yet stylish. can't wait to wear them with cute dresses in the spring.
Very Comfortable!
Raven Review:
I need comfortable shoes. I work 8-10 hours on my feet and walk 4-5 miles a day for exercise. These shoes do it all. nice grippy heel pad to stabilize my ankles and a roomy comfortable toe box. The color is plain enough to wear in my medical job but it is a pretty woven pattern so it's not too plain or white.
Make me wish for Summer!
Gaston Review:
Each step feels like I'm on a foot-pillow!
Sylish Flat for the Office
Original Collection Tivoli Review:
Love, love, love these shoes. I love flats but wanted something a bit more stylish for the office and these shoes are it. They are very flattering on your foot and felt like a slipper the minute I put them on. I wore them all day at the office and they felt just as good at the end of the day as they did when I first slid my foot into them in the morning! Amazing shoe which I highly recommend.
nice for the price
Rianna Review:
The shoes are nice quality