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Alegria presents women's clogs, mary janes and sandals in patterns and colors designed to inspire happiness. Feet stay happy, too, with rocker bottoms and anatomical insoles.

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Fits enough of my criteria to keep - check Algeria
Seville Pro Review:
First, onlineshoes incorrectly lists American sizing equivalents for this company...... Algeria considers a 40 to be a 9, not a 10, according to their website/chart. And, it seems that their wide footbeds actually are about volume and not width, but I digress. I tried these since I mostly like the Karmen sandal - but I got size 39 in the sandals and need 40 in a closed toe. I measure just at a 9 on a braddock device. The footbed has traction, so if you are sockless and sweat a little, you won't slide around. Not that I recommend going sockless in a closed toe shoe - I usually get blisters that way. Also, this style may or may not work if you have high arches - very snug on me and will need to be stretched a bit - but I won't be bumping my toes against the front of the shoe. I need low motion shoes, a non-squeezed toe area, and arch support. (Really anyone who wants to take really good care of their feet probably needs that, too) My arches are too high for these to give me any arch support - they might feel supportive if you have low arches, and I do best when I wear my custom orthotics to correct for an elevated metatarsal that caused arthritis. But I want something to easily put on/off for dog walks and other quick outings. This is about as good as it gets without a custom orthotic - heck, even with them, I can't stand or walk indefinitely without pain. Not as "stiff" as my Dansko clogs, which is better for city sidewalks that are uneven at best. I like an MBT sole best for that, but MBT's have other disadvantages for me. Not the most stylish - I wear a lot of bell bottoms to cover my shoes these days... but certainly not totally ortho-looking. Very glad I found them.
Yes, I did buy this shoe twice.
Paloma Review:
I love these shoes. Have a red pair that I took to Europe for trekking around. Now we're going back so I got the jazzy black ones to take as well. So comfy & I always get lots of compliments.
Laced Up Tight & Lovely
Eliza Review:
Alegria is my brand of choice, I have quite a few pairs as I buy them every year. I've been wanting a laced boot, but not too many companies are making them. The plaid laced boot Alegria released last year was unattractive to me, so I was super excited to see this boot released. I found for the first time by accident, not only did they offer the boot as soon as it was released they had a coupon - that never happens!! The boot is more than I imagined it could be. It's a shiney material that looks like muted snake. And the laces, well I'll let you be surprised.
Love the color and the way they feel--so comfortab
Joy Review:
Wear them for dress and casual
love them
Keli Pro Review:
Thanks to the other reviews, I ordered a size smaller than I would in a dansco , and they fit perfectly!!!

About Alegria

Alegria asks, "What does happiness look like?"

Whatever pattern or color you choose, with Alegria you're sure to have happy feet. Each shoe in Alegria's collection—from clogs to mary janes to sandals—is developed with technical features that promote health and wellness. Experience the comfort that comes from a natural stride created by a rocker bottom. Stay supported with an anatomically designed insole that's removable to accommodate custom orthotics, too.

Alegria shoes are built to suit your lifestyle. Select from everyday styles and a range made to stand up to professional wear in hospitals, kitchens and other demanding environments.