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Aetrex creates innovative athletic and casual footwear and Copper Sole Socks for men and women that help you live life your way, pursuing your favorite activities in comfort and style.

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A Truly Great Shoe
Zoom Runner Review:
This is an extremely comfortable shoe. It flexes well...without discomfort. The tread is great, and since I am older, works great for gripping floors and pavement. I am a lower leg amputee on my right leg and the shoe is conducive for free movement with my prosthetic leg. I need the arch support and this shoe certainly has that.
Womens Aetrex wedge sandals
Peyton Review:
I need shoes that provide arch support and Aetrex are great for this. However, I also need a size wide. They are not so great for that. I suggest if you need a wide, to order the next step up or buy Aetrex with an adjustable toe strap. I really like the style. V.Johnson
Modpod Active Review:
These are very comfortable and for me, run very true to size. They break in quick , are light and breathe easy,and feel as great at the end of a 12 hour day as when I first put them on. I highly recommend to anyone.
Good built shoe
Modpod Active Review:
I got these shoes for my son who has CMT, they said that's what these shoes were for. Could not get them on his feet because of high arches. Cut shoe strings off and still did not work. Didn't try to return because I did cut one shoe string off. Seem like good shoes just not for people with CMT. Outover 100$$$ I can't afford.
Top notch shoes!!!
Berries™ Bungee Oxford Review:
These shoes fit well, feel well and look great!!