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Vintage Shoe Company footwear for women and men offers timeless designs , enhanced by incomparable comfort and a proud 125-year legacy of unparalleled craftsmanship.

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Good but some things are wonky
Gretchen Review:
I bought these after a botched re-sole of my old Frye harness boots. I liked the fact that the calf is much narrower than the Fryes, I always felt sloppy in those. These are pretty comfortable as well, and they are lighter than the Fryes, which were not great for being out walking all day at that weight. On the downside: 1. There is something weird about the heel in that a support somewhere doesn't seem to extend all the way out. If you were to imagine cutting the heel in half on the diagonal, the outermost half is missing the support. What this means as far as feel and walking is that you have to really step harder to move forward because as you take a step, your heel needs to go further to the ground to make good contact. It's very weird because if you set the boots on a flat surface, the sole appears to make contact with the surface all the way across. However if you are wearing them and really connect your heel to the ground, you will see that your toe is now an inch off the ground. Very, very bizarre. 2. The right boot came much more distressed and wonky looking than the left. The left boot was nice and straight all the way up, the stovepipe look I was hoping for, but the right one was already semi-collapsed in the way my Fryes were after a year or so of wear. I assumed it was a fluke and so I ordered a second pair in the same size and color, and they arrrived with the same exact issue. The second pair also had the heel thing, so I think it's intentional, though I'm not at all clear what the point is. Lastly, these boots leave dark black streaks on some hardwood floors. I can't wear them to work. The streaks come up with very little effort (a soft cloth), but still, I don't necessarily want to walk around with one. These are fairly comfortable for walking around in, they are lightweight and fit my calf. However, I am only satisfied with them because I paid the discounted pricing here including a promotional discount. At regular retail price they would have gone back, no question.
Handcrafted quality and American Made!!!
Gretchen Review:
I bought these for myself in the chocolate brown, and the size 7 ultimately was perfect as they run a little small. Just ordered the black ones for my daughter's birthday as she is a "boot" person. These are a little dressier perhaps than the Frye's that she currently owns and wears constantly, but know that she will love them!!
Beautiful boot and beautiful fit
Gretchen Review:
I previously returned a size 6.5 which is my normal size which felt short and even a bit narrow for one with narrow feet. The size 7 is perfect, allows a medium weight sock and feels fantastic. The shaft of the boot may be a bit narrow for some, but perfect for me as my calves are neither too thin nor too muscular. The leather is beautiful, and the sole will not be too slick on snow and ice.
Beautifully made, high quality leather
Gretchen Review:
I saw these in a lovely shop in Truckee over Christmas. My daughter and I were commenting on how beautifully made they were. When I got home I looked to see if Online carried them, and voila, they were on a special promotion. As I have narrow feet I ordered a 6.5 which is my usual size. When they arrived, they fit, but felt a bit short and a bit narrow --- wculd only wear very thin socks. I am returning them for an exchange to a 7, and am anxiously awaiting them in the chocolate brown color. The boot shaft was fine for me as I have normal sized calves. Again, these boots are made in the US, and I am so happy to see such a quality American made product!!!
Well worth the price
Molly Review:
I bought the brown and within a week came back to buy the black. These are stiffer than brown suede and feel a tiny bit smaller. I'm a 10 and my daughter wears an 11. This 11 is fine for both of us, the black is narrow but very comfortable on our feet. If you want to wear thick socks you might size up. I've been eyeing these on Sundance for months but was thrilled to find them here discounted and with free shipping.

About Vintage Shoe Company

The Vintage Shoe Company has been proudly handcrafting boots and shoes in the United States since 1883. Governed by a love of tradition and an unwavering commitment to distinguished craftsmanship, the Vintage Shoe Company creates footwear for men and women who savor authentic details and appreciate timeless character.

The craftspeople at Vintage Shoe Company are true connoisseurs of original 19th- and early 20th-century designs. Their new collection of vintage boots and shoes takes inspiration from their own archives and classic designs of these periods. Men's Vintage Shoe Company boots exemplify traditional style combined with contemporary comfort. Vintage Shoe Company footwear for women borrows the same enduring looks and adapts them to a modern woman's aesthetic.

From old-school biker boots and retro lace-ups to replica boots from military uniforms of eras gone by, the Vintage Shoe Company works only with the softest, handwashed leathers and flexible leather soles for unparalleled softness and comfort. Authentic accents like burnished hardware and meticulous stitching designs allow each boot to reflect the Vintage Shoe Company's heritage of historical charm and superior quality.

Handcrafted in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania, the Vintage Shoe Company's footwear for men and women offers the same established quality as its sister brands Born, Sofft and Isola. carries a range of men's and women's Vintage Shoe Company styles.