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Known worldwide for durable, high-performance backpacking and hiking boots, Vasque uses experience and foresight to design footwear for enjoying outdoor activities with confidence.

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Latest Vasque customer reviews
comfortable, supportive nice looking shoe.
Talus Trek Low UltraDry™ Review:
I use as a walking shoe. A very supportive shoe. I can put my orthotics in and stand/walk all day. One of the most comfortable shoes I own. Love Vasque!
Very comfortable but not waterproof
Breeze 2.0 Review:
Very comfortable and warm. However, did not find them waterproof. Just sitting in rain and the top of my foot was getting wet.
New standard hiking boot
St. Elias GTX Review:
I'm into hiking, not shoes. I've used Vasque Sundowners for years, but noticed the big change in quality. Bought these St. Elias when I learned the leather is now being tanned by Red Wing for construction offshore. The same Vasque quality hardware and construction I've craved. Great support even with heavy loads. A lot of my travel feels more like fast-packing through airports and between trains. Great to have boots capable of supporting the load comfortably.
Narrow shoe if you have even slightly wide feet ge
Juxt Review:
Very well made shoe reminds me of a lighter version of oboz, unfortunately their regular is a very narrow shoe I only get wide shoes in a few brands,and this apparently is one of those brands,if you have even a slight inclination that you might need a wide pair go with it because these are made to fit snug and imo are very narrowly made.
Nice looking but too small
St. Elias GTX Review:
Nice looking. I bought these because they had a narrow 12. It felt a half size too small. There was a 13 but not in narrow, so I purchased another brand, drew trek, in 12 1/2.

About Vasque

Vasque boots are among the best-made hiking boots available. A division of the Red Wing Shoe Company, Vasque is headquartered in Red Wing, Minnesota. We've been selling Vasque boots and shoes at and at our shoe stores for years, and have many happy customers who tell us that Vasque boots are the greatest!

Vasque offers their advanced technical features in footwear for both men and women. They group their shoes and boots into these categories:

Heavy-duty boots for extremely cold weather conditions, featuring a Vibram Clusaz sole for maximum traction on a variety of surfaces. Most of these boots are crampon-compatible.

Justifiably famous for backpacking boots, Vasque's most popular line continues to be its Sundowner series. Vasque backpacking boots are designed to provide as much support as possible, even helping to absorb the weight of heavy pack loads on long treks. These boots come with Super Hiker soles for deep traction on inclines and ever-changing terrain.

Perfect for long-trek hikes or everyday wear, Vasque hiking boots are very well built, arguably the best boots available.

Day Hiking
Specifically designed to keep your feet comfortable on hikes that may be challenging but not extremely long. They are a little lighter, but still rugged enough to handle changing trail conditions.

Sport Boots
Vasque sport boots are built for spirited outdoor activities, specifically designed for scrambling, rock hopping, or bouldering, but we've also found they work well for everyday work and walking.

Adventure Travel
Adventure travel boots take many of the technical features from Vasque outdoors products and streamline them with stylish good looks. These are designed for travelers trekking throughout the world who need a high level of comfort without features required for the wilderness.