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About Timbuk2

Timbuk2 bags infuse the big city lifestyle into everyday designs, letting you carry an alternative option that is functional and stylish everywhere you go.

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Especial Tres Backpack Review:
This is my everyday bag. I'm out for long periods of time and it is able to carry school books, a laptop, lunch, a change of clothes, and still has room for more. Its very comfortable and comes with a life time warranty. Can't beat that. Im going to get a bike soon and its great that this bag is made from a wealtherproof, reflective material. Great, great value.

About Timbuk2

Born from the rising twists and turns of the streets of San Francisco, Timbuk2 began in 1989 with hard working bike messengers in mind. Messengers grabbed hold of these ballistic bags for the waterproof capabilities and vast accommodation. Soon, the Timbuk2 name was reaching from coast to coast with all cyclists realizing the advantages.

From year to year, their bag lines grew to include more options that fit the lives of students, travelers and young business people who wanted a unique and long-lasting bag. With even more urban styles hitting the streets, consistent quality in development and design, Timbuk2 is certain to have a style for your fast-paced commitments to laid-back traveling.