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About Sanuk

Sanuk, a young surfing brand, has a unique sense of style that sets the comfort standard in shoes and sandals for women and men.

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Awesome sandals!
Yoga Sling 2 Review:
These shoes are great, they're SO comfortable! I am an avid yogi & love that the soles of these are made with yoga mats! Very comfortable, tons of cushion and they haven't lost their shape at all yet no matter how long I'm in them during the day
Yes, the shoes are very comfortable.
Yoga Sling 2 Review:
Shoes online
Guide Review:
The shoes are comfortable to wear.
I would buy this product again
Yoga Mat Flip Flop Review:
Use them all day every day
I would order the shoes from you again
Bianca Perf Review:
The shoes my friend gave me for my birthday. I really love it.

About Sanuk

Sanuk, the Thai word for fun, is also the mantra of this young surfing brand.

When founder Jeff Kelley first started making sandals out of inner tubes and indoor-outdoor carpet in the late 90’s, he created a footwear line that was as much about funk as they are about function. Today, Jeff’s spirit of innovation continues to serve as the backbone of Sanuks, shoes and sandals that are happiest when they tread the road less traveled.

The goal of Sanuk footwear is to provide creatively inspired yet thoughtfully designed styles for the global outdoor community…mostly, because Sanuk is part of it. That’s why they sponsor a diverse group of climbing and surfing athletes who, like Sanuk shoes, are known as much for their style and charisma as their specialized talents.

Grab a pair of laid back, low key and anything but cheap Sanuk shoes for yourself. The patented sandal construction of every Sanuk shoe allows your feet to bend and flex the way nature intended for a feel so ridiculously comfortable, you’ll never wear anything else.