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Sanita footwear creates innovative comfort for work or casual wear. Clogs and sandals designed with healthy traditions and original styles.

Latest Sanita customer reviews
Can find me in a blizzard
Stride Review:
On those early misty mornings when you are sipping your coffee and gazing out across your acres and think"Is that a coyote by the hen house?" These shoes are a blessing. They slip right on as you leap into them while hollering for your husband to grab the gun and flying out the back door cussing the lazy farm dog who should have noticed the varmint first. Only problem is that 100 yards with out socks to protect your baby toes does raise a blister, and the satisfaction of a plastic clog bouncing off a coyote hide is not as satisfying as the heavier ones.
Very cute sandal
Carlie Review:
I actually ordered two pair of sandals and returned this one. However, it was a tough decision. They are very cute and comfortable.
Like Walking on Air
Stride Review:
I am a pre op nurse. I am on my feet all day. These shoes are light and very cushy. Love them!
Nice shoe, prefer a more solid sole.
Cecilia Review:
They were comfortable and light. But felt they needed to be more supported in the sole. The sole is bendable.
Super comfortable and super cute
Koi Sydney Review:
I wear these for work. Patients call them ruby slippers! Really a metallic dark fuschia.

About Sanita

Clean design, natural materials and fine craftsmanship have made Sanita clogs for men, women and kids so unique and well loved since 1907. Christian Andersen, Sanita's founder, utilized these three things to help make Sanita what it is today. Andersen left his career as a farmer forever when he began creating clogs out of wood. After a half-century of building the business, Christen and his son, Johannes, closed their successful store and completely devoted themselves to designing and distributing footwear. This risky maneuver paid off in the early 1980's.

Innovative technology allowed Sanita to shape clog bottoms to fit the anatomical shape of the foot. With heel, arch and toe support and added shock absorption, the polyurethane heel combined with the upturned toe of the Sanita clog provided unmatched comfort and launched each and every step with a simple rolling motion. Thus, the Sanita Original Collection (then the San-Flex) was born and is still made in Europe.

Clogs have been a worker's choice for years. Those who stand on their feet all day knows the benefits of wearing a finely crafted Sanita clog. More recently, clogs have become a fashion statement as well and can be seen on the feet of the fashionable world-wide. For the past 25 years, Sanita has continued to innovate with superior design, materials and hand-crafted European construction. Other Sanita collections such as the Leisure Collection, Occupational Collection, Wave Collection and Vegan Collection cater to the specific needs of the Sanita customer and have helped Sanita further separate itself from other clog companies.