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About Pacsafe

Pacsafe bags and packs keep your gear secure with Pacsafe anti-theft technology and devices that help you travel with confidence, whether you're headed overseas or just around town.

About Pacsafe

At the heart of every Pacsafe product is one clear purpose: to help you outsmart threats—the pickpockets, the bag slashers, the bag snatchers and opportunistic thieves.

Engineered and tested to stand up to the rigors of adventure travel, and simple enough for everyday use, Pacsafe packs feature a range of anti-theft devices that put you in control.

At the heart of most, if not all Pacsafe products is the eXomesh® system. This original patented wire mesh design incorporates a lightweight, flexible, high-tensile stainless steel wire and heavy duty locking cable with a patented locking device that creates a slashproof, protective cell. Better yet, eXomesh® locks to a secure fixture so you can strap it down when needed.

Other smart anti-theft Pacsafe features includes eXomesh® fused nylon, slashproof straps and guards, and smart hook, clip and hooks that keep unwanted hands out of your bag.

Designed for travelers, by travelers, Pacsafe travel bags keep you a step ahead of the game by keeping your gear secure.