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About Mizuno

Mizuno running shoes deliver cutting-edge running technology to both men and women, while inspiring all of levels of runners to perform at their peak.

Latest Mizuno customer reviews
Great Shoe
Wave® Inspire 11 Review:
Walking, running around
Light as a fewther
Wave® Rider 18 Review:
These shoes are very lightweight, and the color is a bit different from those I see at the gym. They are comfortable, but for my feet, I still need my orthotic. They will be great for traveling, as they weigh so little.
Great looking shoe. Extremely comfortabl
Wave® Rider 17 Review:
Indoor running.
Great running shoe
Wave® Creation™ 16 Review:
durability, comfort
Great light control running shoe!
Wave® Paradox Review:
Great shoes for running! That's what I bought them for and it's all I use them for. For a control shoe, they are very light. I've already been on several long runs and regular 3 milers with no issues.

About Mizuno

Mizuno is a Japanese sports equipment and sportswear company, founded in Osaka in 1906 by Rihachi Mizuno and his brother Rizo as Mizuno Brothers Ltd. In the century since, Mizuno has worked steadily toward the development of sports in Japan and throughout the world.

Today, Mizuno is a global corporation which makes a wide variety of sports equipment, footwear and clothing, including Mizuno running shoes and the popular Mizuno Wave, Mizuno track shoes, as well as gear for football, rugby, skiing, cycling and other sports.

The company strives to be environmentally conscious and responsible. They continue to promote the development and marketing of environmentally-friendly products. And all of Mizuno affiliated factories in Japan have achieved their target of "zero emissions".

Mizuno combines a tradition of expert craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to provide high-quality athletic equipment and apparel for serious athletes around the world.

Mizuno offers a variety of sports apparel and footwear, including Mizuno women's shoes and Mizuno men's shoes.