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With over 80 years of quality boot-making experience, Lowa continues to create industry-leading outdoor footwear with a global reputation for comfort, performance and durability.

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Lowa Renegade GTX Mid
Renegade GTX® Mid Review:
great pair of hiking boots with lots of ankle support and are extremely durable
love these shoes , my 6th pair
Renegade GTX® Mid Review:
wear a pair every day. I have a work pair , and a newer pair for hiking
Great boots and very comfortable
Zephyr Desert Review:
There are plenty of reviews on these and all Lowa products and they are typically stellar so I'll just echo those folks and say these are outstanding. The one negative is that the pair I was shipped has different shades of tan soles. To be exact the left and right boot are noticeably different colors. I tried to call Online shoes and selected the call me back option and left my phone number and after waiting two house called them back and stayed on hold for another 30 minutes and finally gave up. I really want to keep these boots because it appears Online Shoes doesn't have my size in stock so my only negative is this websites customer service. Having an option to call a customer back and then not calling them back is horrible. The number was the order line so I could have been a customer wanting to buy shoes rather than resolve a customer service issue.
I LOVE these boots
Renegade GTX® Mid WS Review:
Have been eyeing these since August. Used a 40% off for my Xmas present to myself. Love these boots! Comfortable from the get go but wearing around and adjusting laces, etc... to make sure fitting excellent. Will go out this weekend in subzero with pack to see how they feel but right now they are feeling great! Normally wear size 9 in everyday shoes. 9 1/2 gave me good toe width. Seemed wide at first but laced up great. Have good volume through the top of my foot.
Lowa does it right
Zephyr Mid Review:
Hiking enhancement

About LOWA

Based in Munich, Germany, Lowa boots are the culmination of 80+ years of boot-making and boot-wearing experience in the craggy, snow-swept heights of the Bavarian Alps - an environment where a quality pair of boots has always been essential.

Each pair of Lowa boots for men, women and kids is crafted in Europe, by artisans who have passed the skill of their craft down from generation to generation. And scores of mountaineers, climbers, and hikers have helped the designers at Lowa to develop new construction techniques and technical innovations that perform in the challenging, and often extreme, conditions of the real world. From a special rigid outsole that can kick footholds in solid ice, to a patented tongue design that reduces bulk and increases flex, to a built-in climate control system that virtually eliminates hot spots and blisters, innovative Lowa details can make the difference between a successful adventure and near-disaster.

Lowa boots have taken courageous men, women and children to some of the world's most demanding summits. Lowa boots have trekked through exotic locations in distant parts of the globe, scrambled up the rocky sides of mountains, hiked far off the beaten path, and strolled down the street for a latte. Whatever your passion - mountaineering, backpacking, trekking, day hiking, or walking - Lowa has the shoe or boot for you.