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For hard work and outdoor recreation alike, men's and women's LaCrosse boots and shoes are built for peak performance. From rubber boots to leather shoes, LaCrosse has got your back.

Latest LaCrosse customer reviews
Comfortable all the way up
Venom 18-Inch Review:
The boots came in and did not disappoint. I will be using them for my elk hunt in Eastern Nevada and am excited to have them with my snake chaps paired together.
Boots are ok
Silencer 8-Inch 400g Review:
Bought these for hunting. Seem to be well made, could stand to be a little wider. Hopefully they will break in after more wear.
My husband loves these boots.
4x Alpha 16-Inch 3.5mm Review:
I got these for my husband and he really likes them for use at our new house where he has to go thru mud and chop wood he also likes them for fishing.
I will buy it to work.
Alphaburly Pro 18" Review:
So nice
great comfortable shoes. exactly what i wanted
Venom 18-Inch Review:
Great shoes, I was looking for some great snake boots and these shoes are awesome.

About LaCrosse

The history of LaCrosse boots dates to 1897 and a rubber factory in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. From the beginning, LaCrosse pioneered manufacturing techniques to build the toughest, strongest rubber boots to get people through challenging jobs in the harshest of conditions and environments. Fast-forward to Portland, Oregon, the current home of LaCrosse Footwear: Rubber boots and overshoes remain integral to the brand, but LaCrosse now produces a greatly expanded range, employing the highest-quality materials and most innovative comfort and performance technologies in the market.

Rugged LaCrosse boots and shoes for men and women have traditionally been divided into two groups—work boots and outdoor recreation boots. The brand's work-related footwear appeals to people employed in law enforcement and firefighting, transportation, mining, oil and gas, farming and ranching, construction, industrial plants, the armed forces and other occupations that call for high-performance, protective, safety-rated footwear.

Outdoor footwear styles are built to equip those who enjoy hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, trekking and more. Scent-free rubber hunting boots, snake-proof rubber boots, waterproof and double-insulated styles alike keep wilderness aficionados at peak performance in punishing conditions, season after season.

To the work and outdoor segments of their operation LaCrosse has added lifestyle footwear. By pairing on-trend style with signature LaCrosse boot performance, the company is outfitting urban warriors for torrential downpours and sub-zero temperatures—or to simply look their best when the weather's at its worst.

Whatever the purpose of a pair of LaCrosse boots or shoes, customers can rest assured that LaCrosse has engineered every pair—often with the input of experienced professionals—to perform its intended task, from topline to tread pattern. Give your feet the legendary support they deserve with LaCrosse leather and rubber boots.