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Women's Kalso Earth Shoe at

About Kalso Earth Shoe

Every women's Kalso Earth Shoe features the original 'negative heel' design that sets her heels slightly lower than the toes at a gentle incline of 3.7°.

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Latest Kalso Earth Shoe customer reviews
Love them!!
Pike Review:
It gets cold here in North Dakota. These are perfect. Very warm, comfortable, stylish and cute to wear!! I love them!!
These boots are so comfortable!
Pike Review:
Casual wear with jeans are the best. AND They are easy to put on.
Nice Boots
Pike Review:
The boots are cute, but they seem too narrow to me, and I have rather narrow feet. I hope it is because they are new. I keep them. I don't know how worm they are - I live in Arizona.
Comfy and Warm
Pike Review:
I love Kalso's negative heel design. The automatic calf stretch that I get just by wearing the shoes is such a bonus for me that I will probably wear Kalsos for the rest of my life (when I have to wear shoes). These boots in particular are SUPER warm and even manage to keep my corpse-like feet warm and cozy even in the below freezing, icy, slushy weather we've been having in NYC lately.
Really Cute Shoe
Precise Review:
This shoe is so comfortable, the insole is removable if necessary to use your own orthotic. It has a negative heel which takes the pressure off the ball of your foot. I got the green and it is a really pretty apple green, I treat it like a neutral and wear it with jeans and casual slacks. I look forward to wearing them this summer with my crop pants. They feel true to size and width.

About Kalso Earth Shoe

Get down to earth and Exer-Walk™ with women’s Kalso Earth Shoe styles. Walking shoes and running shoes, mary janes, gladiator sandals, mules, flip-flops and boots both casual and dressy are among the women’s Kalso Earth Shoe available at Created by Danish yoga instructor Anna Kalsø, each pair features proprietary 3.7° Incline technology, which positions toes higher than your heels, designed to improve posture. Without sacrificing style, women’s Kalso Earth Shoes add comfort and a therapeutic effect to every step you take.