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Women's Kalso Earth Shoe at

About Kalso Earth Shoe

Every women's Kalso Earth Shoe features the original 'negative heel' design that sets her heels slightly lower than the toes at a gentle incline of 3.7°.

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Latest Kalso Earth Shoe customer reviews
An excellent buy!
Celebration Review:
It is extremely comfortable, feels like slippers.
Kelso Earth Shoe Trig
Trigg Review:
Best shoes for people with back problems, the Shake & Trig Earth Shoes are still made with high quality care & products not glued together shoes, I'm hoping the real leather sneaker comes back, they were the most sturdy & comfortable sneaker ever! Come on Kelso your customers are still loyal to you stay loyal to us & continue making the real deal Earth Shoe...
Comfy right out of the box!!
Celebration Review:
These shoes are great...they make my feet feel good. There are some shoes that I can hardly wait to take off, but these are comfortable all day long. A great shoe to wear with blue jeans.
Kalso Earth Shoes Celebration
Celebration Review:
My first shopping experience with your company and I am pleased with the product and the service. Kalso Earth shoes have become a favorite of mine ten years ago. I am 70, on a fixed income, and yet, the "sale" shoe quality is top of the line.. The shoes has been durable and I wear them until we both are worn out, Thank you for making the shoe available at a "sale" price. Wish I could buy more of the same kind. D. Jean Bailey
Love these shoes!
Solar Review:
I am tall, and these shoes provide minimal heel height and excellent comfort/cushion. Arch support is good - I could, I believe, stand all day in these shoes. The look is classy - goes with most anything. Because they are Earth shoes, I believe I can wear them forever and always feel they are in style. So glad to find them!

About Kalso Earth Shoe

Get down to earth and Exer-Walk™ with women’s Kalso Earth Shoe styles. Walking shoes and running shoes, mary janes, gladiator sandals, mules, flip-flops and boots both casual and dressy are among the women’s Kalso Earth Shoe available at Created by Danish yoga instructor Anna Kalsø, each pair features proprietary 3.7° Incline technology, which positions toes higher than your heels, designed to improve posture. Without sacrificing style, women’s Kalso Earth Shoes add comfort and a therapeutic effect to every step you take.