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About Haflinger

Haflinger slippers, clogs and sandals present elements of natural comfort. The pureness and simplicity of Haflinger shoes tells a story of craftsmanship and seasoned growth.

Latest Haflinger customer reviews
Wonderful shoe, this is my "indoor" shoe. :-)
Classic Grizzly Review:
This is my indoor shoe. so comfy to wear around the house.
part of the cold weather gear
Classic Grizzly Review:
have worn these for years and each member of the household has at least one pair. so cozy, comfortable and they make our feel mile. :)
These are the best shoes I have ever worn.
Classic Grizzly Review:
I wear these shoes in the home only. They have great arch support.
They are good shoes, but not consistently
Classic Grizzly Review:
I owned a pair of haflingers in high school, then another pair in college. Those two pairs lasts at least 4 years before my pinky toe wore a hole in the side of the shoe. Then my mom got me a pair last year for Christmas. And just outside of 6 months (the return policy date), the sole started to detach from the rest of the shoe. Now, exactly a year later from purchase, the soles have come off so much that I'm going to have to hot glue them back on so I don't trip over my own shoes. I have to say, I'm disappointed. Maybe I just got a lemon, but then again, may Haflinger is slacking on their quality control. I might buy again in the future, but I still have to squeeze a few more years out of these lemons.
Best slippers and can wear outside
Flynn Review:
I've owned another pair of slippers from this company and I've had them for over 10 years and they are still in good shape. I wanted these so I could also wear outside. This company makes fantastic shoes

About Haflinger

Founded fifty years ago as a family-run business, Haflinger is the largest manufacturer of boiled wool in Germany. The name comes from a breed of work horse that originates in the Tyrolean Mountains of Austria. Haflinger slippers are expertly crafted to reflect the reliability of this horse—and to be durable, cozy, and versatile.

Still run by the grandson of the founder, the company is known for its boiled wool slippers and its wool felt clogs. Gerda Hoehm brought Haflinger boiled wool slippers to the United States and Canada in 1991. The reception from North America was and is undeniable with new lines harmonizing with the traditional.

Haflinger promotes and encourages an active and healthy lifestyle with footwear that combines natural, breathable materials with essential support. Because wool is a natural insulator, it can be comfortably worn year round, keeping your feet cool in warm weather and warm in cool weather.

Look for the Haflinger classic Grizzly clog, the favorite Haflilnger classic hardsole slipper of many loyal customers.