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About Haflinger

Haflinger slippers, clogs and sandals present elements of natural comfort. The pureness and simplicity of Haflinger shoes tells a story of craftsmanship and seasoned growth.

Latest Haflinger customer reviews
Love the VISION
Vision Review:
I love my wooly Haflingers.. my old ones!!! with the holes.. I finally had to break down and find some more..I ordered three pairs.. two pairs of leather, including my Visions with the artful buckle strap, and the tri colored wools with heels.. They were awesome too. Of the two leather versions that I ordered, I love the Vision the most. There's slightly more room in the toe box which I like, and they feel really good, look sharp, and hey, I'm an ORANGE freak, so loved the color too! Online Shoes provides quick two day delivery, and their packaging is very good. I have enjoyed the company's excellent selection of Haflinger products. Thanks!
I've never owned before but I've seen them
Valley Review:
I am so impressed with the warmth and the comfort. I love that I can go to the mailbox to get the morning paper!
Comfortable and Casual
Grizzly with Leather Trim Review:
I'm a massage therapist, so I need a good comfortable pair of shoes that I can slip into and out of easily, but also look nicer than a pair of flip flops. I also need a pair of shoes that have good support, stability. The Haflingers meet those needs and are very convenient if I just want to go out to check the mailbox, I don't need to sit down and lace up a pair of shoes. I just slip into them, run out to check the mail, and then slip right back out again. My only wish, were that they were a little less expensive and lasted longer...I usually get a year out of them before they lose their support and the tread wears down to the cork.
Classic Style and Color Combinations
Rhythm Review:
Although I live in South Florida, we do get a chilly season and these beautiful Haflinger clogs do the trick. They are quite roomy and allow for heavy socks while leaving ample room for toes to wiggle when they want to. I liked them so much I bought them in two classic color combos: avocado/grey and burgandy/grey. Based on the Haflinger reputation. I'll be enjoying these for years to come. I recently discovered that Haflinger produces these clogs in the Ukraine; I recently learned that my family emigrated from the Ukraine at the very beginning of the 20th century. Now I really feel comfy/cozy in these gorgeous clogs knowing they're nearly part of the family and I have a story to tell with each compliment I receive.
great house shoes!
Classic Grizzly Review:
I bought them because I cook a lot at home and my previous slippers were making my feet and my legs would tire. The Halfinger shoes have enough support that I can stand for hours, cooking and cleaning. My legs hurt less and I can enjoy my past time again!

About Haflinger

Founded fifty years ago as a family-run business, Haflinger is the largest manufacturer of boiled wool in Germany. The name comes from a breed of work horse that originates in the Tyrolean Mountains of Austria. Haflinger slippers are expertly crafted to reflect the reliability of this horse—and to be durable, cozy, and versatile.

Still run by the grandson of the founder, the company is known for its boiled wool slippers and its wool felt clogs. Gerda Hoehm brought Haflinger boiled wool slippers to the United States and Canada in 1991. The reception from North America was and is undeniable with new lines harmonizing with the traditional.

Haflinger promotes and encourages an active and healthy lifestyle with footwear that combines natural, breathable materials with essential support. Because wool is a natural insulator, it can be comfortably worn year round, keeping your feet cool in warm weather and warm in cool weather.

Look for the Haflinger classic Grizzly clog, the favorite Haflilnger classic hardsole slipper of many loyal customers.