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About Haflinger

Haflinger slippers, clogs and sandals present elements of natural comfort. The pureness and simplicity of Haflinger shoes tells a story of craftsmanship and seasoned growth.

Latest Haflinger customer reviews
The perfect casual shoe
Spirit Review:
These are the perfect everyday, slip on shoe. My feet are neither too hot or too cold and they work well for a big errand day or just hanging out at home. I love these shoes!
Love Hafligers
Swing Review:
Love these Hafligers. I buy a new pair nearly every year because I wear them daily for about 3/4 of the year They are my "house shoes" as I can no longer walk barefoot without discomfort. In the cold Midwest winter, they keep my feet toasty. There are only a few weeks in summer where I abandon them for a summer slide. I've got my 75 year old mother, my husband, and older children (who can wear the adult sizes) hooked on them as well! Great new styles every year, so I can change the look!
I love my Lizzy Cats!
Lizzy Cat Review:
I purchased these to replace my pair of Haflinger sheep slippers (which was my first foray into the incredible comfort of Haflinger). I saw these and knew I had to have them. They're delightfully comfortable and (let's face it) pretty. darn. cute. I love them. They always bring a smile to my face when I look down at them and they make my feet feel like they're on vacation.
My favorite slipper EVER
Meadow Review:
I live in a cold climate and work in a home office that's not well-heated. I've been super impressed with other Haflinger slippers I've had over the years - able to run the dogs in and out all day, even standing on hard snow, and the slippers hold up well. The only reason really for replacing any was either A) I was silly and left them on the floor where they became dog toys or B) it was just time to go due to age and soil. Now THESE are washable! I've already washed them twice and they come out like new - no loose threads, nothing broken down, just excellent.
ATC Stitch Hardsole Slipper Review:
I have Raynauds so if my feet get cold it can become very painful. These are wonderfully warm without being itchy even though they are wool. The arch support reminds me of my Birkenstocks which I wear all the time. The hard sole is nice as you can go outside in them. I bought these for a trip to Alaska to keep my feet warm at night but I actually wore them home in the plane. I probably wouldn't wear them for everyday shoes, but they really don't stand out as slippers with jeans. I followed the washing instructions provided by the company and they turned out great.I have been looking for warm slippers that are washable and provide support and these meet all those requirements. Some reviews say they wear out easily but honestly I would buy a new pair every year if that is the case; they are that great of a slipper.

About Haflinger

Founded fifty years ago as a family-run business, Haflinger is the largest manufacturer of boiled wool in Germany. The name comes from a breed of work horse that originates in the Tyrolean Mountains of Austria. Haflinger slippers are expertly crafted to reflect the reliability of this horse—and to be durable, cozy, and versatile.

Still run by the grandson of the founder, the company is known for its boiled wool slippers and its wool felt clogs. Gerda Hoehm brought Haflinger boiled wool slippers to the United States and Canada in 1991. The reception from North America was and is undeniable with new lines harmonizing with the traditional.

Haflinger promotes and encourages an active and healthy lifestyle with footwear that combines natural, breathable materials with essential support. Because wool is a natural insulator, it can be comfortably worn year round, keeping your feet cool in warm weather and warm in cool weather.

Look for the Haflinger classic Grizzly clog, the favorite Haflilnger classic hardsole slipper of many loyal customers.