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Giesswein footwear combines innovation and tradition, trends and classics in slippers, shoes and boots for women, men and kids.

Latest Giesswein customer reviews
All day lounging comfort
Vent Review:
These live up to the hype and other 5 star reviews in my opinion. They start out stiff, but the more you wear them, the more the sole softens and conforms to your feet for a perfect fit. With or without socks, these are super comfortable.
Worth EVERY cent!
Vent '11 Review:
Excellent insoles. I have collapsing arches, and these slippers almost massage my feet. The toggle lets you adjust the tightness, so the slippers fit with or without socks. I look forward to putting them on after work!
Cute and durable
Stams Review:
This slipper hit the back of the foot against a bone spur. I had to send them back. I regretted sending them back because otherwise they fit perfectly and I liked the extra support. They were very cute and seemed very durable.
These will knock the need for socks, off!
Bigelow Review:
I love these, what I call slipper boots. I do a lot of walking in my house and I need the support as well as the warmth during the colder months. These are comfortable and ideal for wearing with or without socks. I highly recommend them.
Overall good slippers
Abend Review:
Overall good slippers. Comfortable. Two not so significant drawbacks: 1. I ordered size 45 EU which was translated as 12 - 12.5 US. This is not correct. It feels more like 11 US. It fits OK in general but not as comfortable as a true 12 US would have. 2. When walking on laminate floors the outsoles squeak a little. Noticeable at the beginning but getting used to it after a few weeks.

About Giesswein

For 55 years, over three generations of the Giesswein family have proudly created the most comfortable footwear this side of the Alps.

Each and every footwear design is a direct reflection of the Giesswein birthplace: The Tyrol region of Austria. The natural beauty of the surrounding pristine lakes, sparkling glaciers, snow-capped peaks and pastoral valleys has been Giesswein’s inspiration from day one. Their tradition of hard work, reliable quality and respect for nature is the backbone of their success and dedication.

In fact, this love for nature and the environment even filters through to the eco-friendly wool construction of Giesswein slippers and Giesswein shoes. But not only is this soft yet durable boiled wool great for the environment, its breathable properties offer comfort all year long, keeping you cool in the summer and cozy in the winter.

Indulge in a tradition of natural comfort with Giesswein footwear, a regional heritage with a global reach.