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Trying A Better Way
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About El Naturalista

El Naturalista has managed to unite innovation and tradition with positive social and environmental values achieving a unique product. With comfort technologies and earth-friendly materials, El Naturalista makes sustainable and handcrafted shoes.

Latest El Naturalista customer reviews
Love these shoes
Lichen NF74 Review:
These shoes are very comfortable. The only con is they make noise when you walk. I hope that xhanges as I break them in
I would recommend Shoes.com to everyone.
Colibri NF63 Review:
Shoes were too big but I loved them and will reorder.
El Naturalista Yggdrasil
Yggdrasil NG96 Review:
When the shoe is new, I wear it out, to work, to church, everywhere (except formal). Then as it ages, it turns into my gardening shoes. There are pairs of these shoes in every member of my family's garages, where I leave them for when I come back to help with the gardening.
Love love love these!!
Nido Ella N722 Review:
Most comfortable boots (or shoes for that matter) that I have ever worn. Love these very much!!
beautiful boot but tight
Alhambra NG13 Review:
This boot was tight, especially in the toe, for my narrow, flat feet! I ordered the same size that fits well in other El naturalista styles, but this shoe felt really small.

About El Naturalista

El Naturalista, a shoe company with a global perspective, originated in La Rioja (Spain), a fertile and prosperous area with a long and respected shoe-making history. El Naturalista creates comfortable and attractive footwear for people who embrace life as they walk.

Travel in a different direction, along a different road, living and enjoying life with El Naturalista shoes. The El Naturalista name expresses a different way of thinking and acting; being a "Naturalista" implies a respect for a rich and deep philosophy that places its trust in life and, on principle, attributes all things to nature.

With an awareness of and responsibility to the planet, El Naturalista seeks out indigenous communities who want to develop but who, at the same time, have much to teach us. In an act of mutual learning, El Naturalista brings progress closer to the people who inspire them and helps them to grow, not only as a group but as individuals as well. El Naturalista develops footwear to walk through life with respect and care.

With styles ranging from innovative, earthy mary janes to time-honored classics like oxfords and sturdy ankle boots, El Naturalista offers the perfect combination of function and fashion appeal for every person and every occasion.

With environmentally friendly materials and construction plus the latest comfort technologies, El Naturalista creates stylish and easy-to-wear footwear for women.