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Women's Earthies at

About Earthies

Earthies are naturally elegant and designed with a splash of wellness. Earthies shoes for women are created with a discerning sense of style and ease of movement for exceptional comfort.

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Latest Earthies customer reviews
Cute, but ouch
Bindi Review:
These shoes are really cute, but they gave me blisters after only 20 minutes of wear. It's a shame, because I wore them outside and now cannot return them. They also scruff extremely easily and the color (I got mint) is not nearly as vibrant as it appears on the screen.
Beautiful and comfortable
Bindi Review:
I ordered the mint and thought the color beautiful. I then ordered a second pair in black, and if the price went down a lot at some point, I'd probably get the biscotti and blue. This is a shoe so good and with so much support that orthotics aren't needed. It fits well in the heel for those who have more narrow heals and is a shoe that is not too wide. It might not be as good of a shoe for those who don't want a lot of arch support or have wide feet. For me it's only bad point is its price.
Beautiful and stylish
Bella Review:
If you have high arches and medium-width feet, then this is the shoe for you. I loved the shoes but unfortunately will need to send them back because they don't feel good on my arches and my feet are narrow. They gap just slightly around my foot. Beautiful shoe with a high-quality construction.
My New Go To Shoe
Vanya Review:
I liked these shoes as soon as I saw them. However, due to foot and ankle problems, I was reluctant to purchase them until I read another customer's review about the arch support. The first thing that I liked is that the red is a true red and is deep and rich. The fit of the shoe is excellent. The box toe gives plenty of room, and the arch support is as good as that of an orthotic. And, yes, they're fashionable, the pleating gives them a contemporary look and makes them more distinctive than a basic skimmer. I'm thinking of ordering another red pair to keep in my closet for next year, and a black pair to alternate. There are very few brands that fit comfortably due to my shoe size (11M) and foot and ankle problems. However, this has become one of my favorite brands!
Love these!
Manza Review:
Great looking, sylish and SO comfortable!!

About Earthies

From Earth, Inc.—a footwear company with more than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of footwear that’s good for the body—comes an entirely new concept in shoes … Earthies. Something rather unexpected happened when fashion and wellness came together: A whole new kind of women’s footwear was born. Naturally elegant, gorgeously-designed shoes—created with a discerning sense of style and ease of movement for exceptional comfort.

Delivering on the promise of ‘Wellness. Elevated’, every Earthies style features a unique wellness footbed. A cupped heel sets the foot into the proper supported position, while an anatomic arch increases touch points along the transition from the heel to the forefoot. A cradle toe area evenly distributes weight away from the toes.

The team behind Earthies proudly embraces Earth, Inc.'s philosophy of creating footwear with a healthy attitude and focus. The Earthies footwear collection is created for women of all fashion preferences and ages, who care about their personal health and longevity, and—when it comes to footwear—refuse to compromise their fashion desires at the expense of total-body comfort.