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About Chippewa

Chippewa boots embrace American heritage with a wide range of footwear that is as rugged and independent as those who wear them. Live the spirit of Chippewa.

Latest Chippewa customer reviews
First time buyer, now lifetime user.
25225 Chippewa Country 8-inch Waterproof Review:
will be an all-around boot,very very nice.
55074 6-Inch Insulated Lace Up WP CT Review:
I am a linemen, working in all kinds of weather conditions. These boots are warm, comfortable and dry. They cover everything with a six inch boot. I am 10 days and so far: excellent
Love the boots
23913 17-Inch Snake Boot Pull On Review:
My husbands pair lasted 8 years, with daily use the last 2 years. Bought mine and 5 grown kids each a pair. Wears well and looks stylish for a snake boot!
a great looking and fitting boot and made in the g
27899 11-inch Engineer Boot ST Review:
bought them for riding, and for dress. they look really good with my tux and tophat at the lodge
The Boot of Champions
20080 6 Inch Heritage Lace Up Review:
Boot is well made and I knew it first-off. Size in length was far too large, but the width seemed perfect. Break-in was rough but Now it is a quality asset to my wardrobe and for whenever I might need to help my dad out with work.

About Chippewa

Since 1901, Chippewa has been creating footwear based on simple, fundamental rules. They use only the best materials, the best construction techniques and the most innovative technology. The result -- unquestionably the best boots around. That's what it means when they say Chippewa Integrity.

Initially, Chippewa started with only logger boots in its product line. Constructed of double and triple leather midsoles and hand-plugged outsole spikes, the logger boots were designed to assist loggers as they rolled the logs down the rivers to the mills. Based on that state-of-the-art boot, Chippewa gained a reputation for quality and began expanding the product line to include more boot categories.

The past century has brought significant changes in the need for quality outdoor work and sport footwear. Chippewa Boots continues to add new products to its inventory to meet the needs of its loyal following. As part of the Justin Brands, Inc. family, quality and craftsmanship continue to be the leading guides in its development, just as it has been for the last 100 years.

Rugged as the land they walk, Chippewa. Live the Spirit of Chippewa®.