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About Blundstone

An Australian legend, Blundstone boots and shoes are ideal for work and play alike. Men's, women's, boys' and girls' 'Blunnies' are as rugged and durable as they are comfortable.

About Blundstone

In Australia, New Zealand and around the world, Blundstone is a name synonymous with pull-on, elastic-sided ankle boots. Based in Tasmania, Australia, since 1870 Blundstone boots, or "Blunnies," as they're affectionately known, have always risen to the challenges of one of the world's toughest climates.

Men's Blundstone boots and shoes and women's Blundstone footwear alike are overwhelmingly designed to create comfort in the workplace, reducing fatigue for people who spend long hours on their feet standing or walking. Kids' Blundstones offer the same durable comfort features and classic designs as Blundstones for men and women.

Blundstone boots for men, women, boys and girls are known to last a very long time. Not only are the uppers crafted from highly durable materials, but considerable effort has gone into creating footbeds, insoles and outsoles that offer outstanding comfort and support. Featuring such advancements as their patented Shock Protection System (SPS), as well as SPS x-tra and SPS Total, Blundstone boots and shoes feature incredibly long-lasting and supportive outsoles. Other characteristics of most Blundstone soles include resistance to heat (up to 140° C/284° F) and slip-resistance on a range of surfaces and substances both organic and inorganic.

The Blundstone Group prides itself on operating according to a set of values that ensure legal, ethical, socially and environmentally responsible policies and practices. Blundstone strives to maximize the use of recycled and recyclable materials in manufacturing and packaging, minimizing the use of raw materials, chemicals and fossil fuels.

Naturally, Blundstone is equally dedicated to providing the highest quality Blunnies to men, women, boys and girls around the globe.