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GEL-Kayano 21: New FLUIDRIDE
GEL-Kayano 21: New FLUIDRIDE shadow
About ASICS®

ASICS® running, walking, and training shoes for men, women, boys and girls are built to exceed expectations while pushing the limits of performance and function for athletic pursuits.

Latest ASICS® customer reviews
My favorite everyday shoe!
GEL-Kayano® 22 Review:
I work 12 hour shifts and these are great! I've had back surgery and these offer the support needed for long days on my feet. Plus they are so comfy. I had to exchange medium for wide width, not due to shoes but my feet swell on a busy day. Last pair of this style I wore for over a year!!
Assics running shoes
GT-2000™ 4 Review:
These are nice running shoes. I think they will stretch out a liitle to feel right.
Great quality and fit and removable insoles
GEL-Provost™ Mid Review:
I've been shopping for cleats for football a lot. Nike's are way too narrow and run much smaller. Their quality is suspect too. Under Armour and Adidas aren't as bad with fit but still not comfortable. These Asics fir near perfectly right out of the box. there is a little bit of extra room near the toes but it still allows quick moves and cutting, which is a good thing for avoiding foot injuries. If you fit into New Balance shoes well these fit a little better, both of which tend to favor a little wider foot. I wish these had detachable or removable cleats instead of the molded cleats. Speaking of which, I have not used these on the field yet. The cleat design does not have very narrow, sharp edged cleats. I'm not sure how this will translate on the field. I don't anticipate any issues though it may not have the same traction as some other cleats, but I think it will still be enough. The good thing is too much traction leads to injuries, so these might be a safer option for those try ing to stay safe. I ought to know btw as I have torn may ACL just from cutting too hard. I would have appreciated a shoe with a little more give than before. Overall and excellent shoe. From the moment you put them on you can feel the better quality and fit compared to others. I would definitely suggest buying these to try on. It will be worth it if you have trouble finding a good shoe.
Very good shoes
GEL-Upcourt™ Review:
After many years away from playing racquetball, I wanted to start again and needed a new pair of court shoes. I found these online and they're working out great! I normally wear size 13M and these fit very well; they're light, but seem sturdy and grip the wooden court well . I've worn other Asics styles in the past, and liked them also. Overall, very pleased so far.
almost perfect, he says
GEL-Storm™ GS Review:
I bought these for my 10-year-old son who says they're awesome, but that they "need more grip." But you know, he's 10 and still thinks shoes make him faster or slower.

About ASICS®

Ever wonder where ASICS® got its name? Kihachiro Onitsuka established his athletic footwear company in 1949, making basketball shoes in his Kobe, Japan home. It wasn't until 1977—the year in which his athletic shoes were introduced to the U.S.—that he came upon the acronym ASICS from a 2nd century B.C. Latin phrase: "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano," which translates as "A sound mind in a sound body." The ASICS® mission is to create a healthy, happy lifestyle by promoting total health and fitness.

ASICS' Research Institute of Sports Science in Kobe meticulously studies and analyzes the movements of the human body and tests materials that go into the technology of ASICS running shoes, ASICS sneakers, ASICS walking shoes, ASICS trainers, apparel and accessories for men, women and children. Three-dimensional measuring systems are employed to design shoes with a perfect fit. Professional ASICS® athletes who excel in a variety of disciplines are also studied to continually improve ASICS® athletic gear.

Some of the features particularly studied include shock-absorption systems, anti-overpronation features, outsoles with Wet Grip® Rubber and water-resistant clothing.

One of ASICS' best inventions is the GEL® cushioning system, which is an exclusive, silicone-based technology that places responsive gel inserts at high impact areas in a shoe's midsole to enhance shock absorption. The most popular ASICS GEL® technology styles include the ASICS GEL Kayano, ASICS Nimbus and ASICS Cumulus.

ASICS® footwear offers a wide range of styles designed for different runners' needs. ASICS® running shoes with structured cushioning are designed for neutral runners with normal arch flexibility and moderate pronation. They offer a well-balanced blend of cushioning and support. ASICS GT running shoes offer a stable platform with a cushioned ride and the exceptional fit that runners love.

Cushioning ASICS® shoes are for high-arched runners who have a supinating, or under-pronating, gait, meaning the foot doesn't have enough motion. Cushioning shoes offer additional shock absorption that the foot is lacking.

Lyte shoes were developed for more performance-oriented runners who are looking for the ultimate in lightweight ASICS® road running shoes for faster-paced training.

Motion control shoes are intended for runners whose feet over-pronate, meaning they roll too far inward. These ASICS® runners offer exceptional support and stability, and also work well for runners who use prescription or over-the-counter orthotics.

ASICS trail shoes are particularly suited for runners who train on a variety of on- and off-road surfaces, incorporating ASICS GEL® cushioning and other support technologies with an emphasis on flexibility, traction and durability.

Track and field athletes need shoes that are built to compete: ASICS spikes, racing flats and cross-country shoes for decathlon events such as hurdles, the javelin and more.

Another popular category of products is the ASICS® Onitsuka Tiger, named after the company's founder who began manufacturing baseketball shoes in his hometown of Kobe, Japan in the 1940s.