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About Ariat

Ariat boots for men, women and kids are favorites among professional equestrians and novice riders alike. Find fashion and comfort with Ariat shoes and work boots in Western and English styles.

Latest Ariat customer reviews
Sahara Review:
I loved these boots. But the fit on them is way off. I think they are miss sized. I am going to have to return them. Actually hoping to be able to exchange them for the correct size.
Beautiful Ariat boots as usual
Midtown Review:
As mentioned above, the low heel height is a plus for me, to be able to wear all day long, doesn't bother my back or feet. Like the back zipper and the typical Ariat fit in the foot. Tops of calves are not chopped straight across, but more of a Spanish top, more flattering. Caramel color of beautiful leather is also beautiful. I will have to have the left foot stretched because of a bunion, no fault of boots and I'm 5'9" with fairly thin calves and will have to have them taken in just a smidge. The boots are meant to be fitted in the calf and even with jeans tucked in they are a bit too loose. Anyone with athletic calves should have no problem. They are a classy, gorgeous boot, with fit in foot , arch, heel typical of Ariat, which has slowly become the only brand of boot I can wear. Toe is a rounded but shaped toe with just enough "point" to them to be stylish and not clunky, yet comfortable. I have 8 pairs of Ariat boots from tall boots to cowboy boots and they have been my go to boot out of my tall boots. Sole has thin rubber traction, not thick, gum rubber soles that would look too clunky for work or going out. I have been looking at other brands and waiting, hopefully, for Ariat to come out with a boot exactly like these and they have filled the bill perfectly with a very classy, rich color as well. I absolutely love them, can you tell??!!
Ariat wins again!!!
Midtown Review:
Ariat has done it again for me! These are beautiful boots that I can't take off! The only thing I would change is the fit of the calf for myself. It is very roomy. I am 5'9" with slightly thin calves and will probably have to have the calf altered a bit. They are meant to fit more like an English riding boot and even with my jeans tucked in there is a gap, which for some would be an advantage. The toe is a round toe technically but actually comes to a more beautiful pointed, curved, round toe, not the clunky round toe some have. It's just right for looks and toe box comfort. The lower heel is perfect for walking and wearing all day. Can't tell much of a difference from a pair of tennis shoes for comfort. Sole is a thin rubber sole outside, for plenty of traction in snow or ice, the heel is only partially rubber covered, again just right. I feel secure and quiet in them. The caramel color is just pure class. I'm even considering the mulberry because I like these so much. However, I would probably be considered an Ariat collector since this is my 8th pair of Ariat boots and certainly don't need another pair of boots, but Ariats are the most comfortable for me over all other brands, I have found. The back zipper is easy access, only thing better would possibly be an inside zipper for ease but certainly not for looks. The back zipper gives them that "seam up the back" appearance, much like a pair of black seamed hose. Very attractive and flattering. The other flattering look are the Spanish tops, higher on the outside like a pair of English riding boots again, not chopped straight off across the top, which is soooo unflattering to a woman's leg. The brass snap at top, back is another touch of class. White stitching on the sole is another beautifully simple touch. This is a simple boot, which is always timeless, with a lot of to die for aspects.
No Regrets
Stanton H2O Review:
First pair of Ariat boots. I use this boot for everyday wear. It was comfortable right out of the box. My foot is a little on the narrow side, and it was snug around my foot, but not too tight. The boot is a little stiff to start, but breaks in quickly. The leather is of high quality and the fit and feel of the boot is excellent. Too early to tell how they will do in the long run, but indications are they will hold up well. Glad to have a waterproof boot that looks this stylish. The boot is a little heavier than some boots may be, but not excessively so and a acceptable tradeoff for the durability.
Best boots ever
Barn Yard Twin Gore H2O Review:
These boots are very waterproof. Used as a farrier year round in Idaho.

About Ariat

Ariat was founded with one simple objective — to provide the most technologically advanced riding boots to the world's top equestrian athletes.

In 1990, co-founders Beth Cross and Pam Parker set out to create a new company and an improved, evolved way of thinking about footwear for riders. The two realized that the majority of traditional English and Western riding boots were not well suited for riding: They were stiff, heavy and hard on the feet.

Cross and Parker assembled a group of top footwear engineers and designers, and challenged them to create the world's most technically innovative performance riding boots for both English and Western riders. They redesigned the outsole, enhanced the arch support system, and took a hard, uncompromising look at the suitability of "traditional" fit and last shape.

As the technology platform for Ariat boots was being established, designers consulted with hundreds of top riders who helped refine the final product. Not only does each and every boot meet specific performance requirements, but Ariat footwear is known for doing what other riding boots had long failed to do: cushioning the foot while stabilizing the heel and arch, thereby dramatically reducing fatigue and stress for effortless, all-day comfort.

One of the most popular lines of Ariat Western boots has been the riding-approved, fun-loving Ariat Fatbaby boots collection. Favorites among Ariat women's boots, these youthful styles include the Showbaby, Rodeobaby, Farmbaby, Gem Baby and Ariat ProBaby boots. Women also love Ariat shoes and sandals, distinguished by their combination of ultimate comfort and current fashion.

Ariat men's boots have gained popularity and recognition beyond the global riding community. Durable Ariat work boots, hiking boots and casual shoes are crafted with a wide array of features, from premium leathers to slip-resistance to steel and composite toe protection to fully waterproof uppers and weather-ready insulation.

Ariat boots for boys and girls feature the great look and peak performance that distinguish adult styles, scaled down for little feet. Western favorites help kids perform their best in rodeos, work on a ranch or farm, or dress like their favorite cowboy or cowgirl. All kids' Ariat cowboy boots include such features as high-quality leather uppers, comfy interiors, ultra-durable outsoles and a special, removable Ariat® Booster Bed™ insole underneath the sockliner that provides extra wiggle room for growing feet, so youngsters can wear their favorite boots longer.

Since shipping their first pair in 1993, Ariat has not only grown to be the leading performance footwear and apparel brand for equestrian athletes in the U.S., but is recognized as the official boot of numerous prestigious associations worldwide. They also believe in supporting the sport of riding at all levels and age groups. In the company's brief history, it has sponsored over 10,000 local, regional, and national events, as well as hundreds of athletes in their pursuit of equestrian excellence.

So whether you are a professional, a novice, a person who works outdoors or simply someone who admires fashionable, comfortable footwear, Ariat has a performance technology and chic style to meet your every need.