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About Apex

Apex blends contemporary styling with foot-health expertise to create shoes for men and women that offer comfort, therapy, and protection.

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Latest Apex customer reviews
best brand if you have orthodic inserts
Boss Runner '10 Review:
best sneaker for support and comfort for those of us who need orthotics.
Excellent comfortable shoes
Janice Review:
I have rarely been able to slip on a shoe and have it fit perfectly right out of the box. Heaven
This is the only shoe that I will wear to run.
Boss Runner '10 Review:
This is really an excellent shoe. It is great for people who have diabetes as it allow your foot to go deep into the shoe and avoid any rubbing. It is also a perfect shoe if you have a tendency toward shin spiints, since purchasing this shoe I have not had any problems. I run around 50 miles per week and this is the only shoe I will wear. They may seem a little heavy when you first start using them but the cushion they provide is worth it especially if you have pronation.
Good Shoe
Lace Walker Review:
Shoes feel good on my feet, their comfortable after I've had them on a while, and have good support. Would have gave them 5 stars if they were made in America.....
excellent shoe
Reina Runner Review:
This shoe was purchased because of the split back. Surgery on the back of both feet made normal shoes unwearable. This shoe soles that and allows for adjusting.

About Apex

Apex was founded in 1946 as Apex Foot Health Industries with a goal to create state-of-the-art foot health products that provide immediate relief from common foot problems and help people live more comfortable lives.

Today, Apex's variety of product lines still stay true to this goal with innovative products designed for comfort and protection, including the world's #1 footwear collection for patients with diabetes.