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Apex blends contemporary styling with foot-health expertise to create shoes for men and women that offer comfort, therapy, and protection.

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Standard shoe for motion control, stability
V854 Lace Walker Review:
I had a bad skydiving accident and I'm missing a few pieces of my left ankle. I need shoes with room to accomodate prosthetics to level my foot and to provide stability and motion control. These shoes do all that. The toe box is high, they are truly 4X wide and certainly long enough. They are stable and I am able to walk and hike without pain. However, I do not understand why they wear out so fast. Three months and I'm shelling out another $100+ becuase the platform is no longer supportive or stable. They become very painful to wear. New shoes - no more pain. If there were some way to stiffen them or use a different material for the last, they would be cost-effective. That said, I have no choice. These shoes are practically the only ones on the market large, wide and high enough with the stability I need.
Comfortable, but not quite the support of the V854
Boss Runner Review:
I have to compare these shoes to the Apex V854, the shoes I've worn for years. I decided to try these because I wanted a lighter, breathable shoe for a hot summer. They are all that - breathable, cooler and lighter. However, the rounded toe creates a smaller toe box, so it pinches my toes a bit. It is also not nearly as stiff or supportive (and so, not as cushioned) as the V854 for long (5-mile +) walks or hikes. I was hoping to try these on a tennis court, but they aren't built for that kind of punishment - really, they're a light walker for paved trails.
Comfortable, Plantar Facia Help
V854 Lace Walker Review:
These athletic walking shoes, my second pair, always provide comfortable, plantar facia correcting footwear are stylish also. Ordering was simple and were delivered promptly. Well worth the price.
Nice Looking Mary Jane
Charlotte Review:
Love the look of this shoe! Nice stylish detail for a supportive Mary Jane. Liked the deep and wide toe area. Length was 1/2 size longer than my usual size. She seemed supportive and comfortable when I tried on the carpet, but because of the length I returned them. I will probably reorder in the shorter length and see how those work. I will say the return was processed quickly and I had my credit within a week of when I shipped the return---wish other companies were so speedy!
Would buy again
Boss Runner '10 Review:
Fast Delivery

About Apex

Apex was founded in 1946 as Apex Foot Health Industries with a goal to create state-of-the-art foot health products that provide immediate relief from common foot problems and help people live more comfortable lives.

Today, Apex's variety of product lines still stay true to this goal with innovative products designed for comfort and protection, including the world's #1 footwear collection for patients with diabetes.