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AmeriBags are ergonomically designed for who you are and where you’re going, with easy-on-the-body shapes to suit your lifestyle.

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The only bag I use
Healthy Back Bag® tote Baglett Large Review:
I used a small baglette for 5 years until it was stolen from an unlocked car. This slightly larger one is the replacement and I can't believe how much more I can get into this new bag. Great for travel, very comfortable to wear. Black goes with everything.
Fine product
Rifton Review:
This is my every day purse and will get all the wear-and-tear that entails. It is light weight, very comfortable to carry, easy to access. I am very pleased with the quality of the product; it is well constructed, has plenty of room that includes multiple pockets. It could benefit from a smaller outside pocket for a phone, but that isn't a serious problem as there is a pocket on one side covered by a large flap that actually stays in place.
This bag is good from morning to evening
Rifton Review:
This is a light weight bag that carries exactly what i need to travel light.
great bag!
Rifton Review:
it is the perfect size, holds all of the stuff i need to carry each day, including my kindle and inhaler.
Lightweight and easy to carry
Rifton Review:
I have gotten spoiled using cross-body bags. It's so nice to not have to worry about where your bag is and your hands are free since you're not clutching a bag. I was carrying shoulder bags until my shoulders started to bother me. Cross-body was suggested and I've been using them for years now. This one is lightweight nylon with a wide, adjustable strap. Lots of pockets for all my "junk" and easily accessible ones for my phone.