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About Altra

Blending cushioned protection with the benefits of barefoot freedom, Altra footwear is designed to reduce injury and promote proper technique for the most natural run.

Latest Altra customer reviews
Great running shoe
Lone Peak 2.0™ Review:
I have been using this shoe for a month and so far it feels great for runs. Good cushioning all around and works well for my heel striking running that I have. Good grip with its threads for trail running as well. The only negative I would have is its odd shape which makes it great for actually fitting to your foot but not very stylish so if that matters to you be wary.
This is my third pair of Altra shoes in 6 months!
Intuition™ 3 Review:
I have a very wide foot with a high arch and have a hard time finding shoes that are comfortable! My daughter found these shoes 6 months ago and we are both hooked! I am a nurse and on my feet 8-12 hours a day, and my feet do great in these shoes! I was used to ordering a size up to accommodate my wide foot but I order these by length and get a perfect fit every time!
awesome sneaker, Alta is a great brand!
Intuition™ 3 Review:
These sneakers are very nice. I ordered the coral because I have some gear in that color. I bought 4 pair of Intuition 2 because of the toe box. The 3 is much softer in the heel as far as the construction but the toe is like any other sneaker. Just my personal issue, I need the room that the 2 gives. The 3 is very comfortable & soft. I will pay a higher price for a good shoe but I did purchase with a discount. I did return them because the toe box is narrow like a normal sneaker. All in all, an awesome shoe! Also I wear an 8-1/2 to 9, the 9 fits perfectly.
awesome sneaker
Intuition 2 Review:
Love the green, purchased 2 pair. Different color for me but absolutely love the change! I wear 8-1/2 to 9 and the 9 fits best. I would have a closet full of these sneakers if they were available. So comfy, Intuition 2
best sneakers I have ever had
Intuition 2 Review:
Love, love the Intuition 2! I just happened to stumble on these because I was looking for a pair of pink sneakers & these are the most comfortable sneakers I have ever owned. they have zero drop in the heel & I think these are supposed to be a running shoe but they are the best for me when walking, the toe box is wide so I don't feel like my feet are getting squished. Because of the zero drop which drops the back of your foot downward, it gives me more balance to walk better, I purchased 4 pair of these in different colors & would purchase more but they are out of my size. I'm an 8-1/2 to 9 and the 9 fit great. I tried the Intuition 3, great shoe but the toe box is like a regular sneaker which squishes my feet. Awesome Altra!!

About Altra

Nearly 20 years after opening a family-operated "dream" running store, Altra's founders still felt that there was a large gap in the athletic shoes marketplace for truly biomechanically correct footwear. And so the Altra brand was born from the belief that shoes shouldn't encourage a heel strike; they should let the body move naturally.

For years, the Altra team experimented with cutting down the heels of regular running shoes to test their proprietary Zero Drop™ theory and saw incredible results with staff and customers alike. It eliminated injuries and helped people get back into running. Working with engineers, designers, elite runners and biomechanical experts, Altra started making prototypes to bring this innovative footwear to the masses. Altra's unique, Zero Drop™, foot-shaped, gender-specific designs to help everyone run naturally.

Blending cushioned protection with the benefits of barefoot freedom, Altra footwear is designed to reduce injury and promote proper technique for the most natural run. Every shoe features Zero Drop™ technology and a foot-shaped, gender-specific design so everyone can find the right fit to run better and, most importantly, healthier.