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Blending cushioned protection with the benefits of barefoot freedom, Altra footwear is designed to reduce injury and promote proper technique for the most natural run.

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foot heaven
Lone Peak 2.0™ Polartec Review:
I have some foot issues and must wear "flat" zero drop type shoes and need a roomy wide toe box. This is my second style of Altra zero-drop shoes. My first pair were intuition 1.5. Really like them but wanted a shoe with more cushion and a bit of water resistance for traveling. These were perfect. On vacation for 2 weeks walking city streets, museums and a bit of trail hiking. Usually my feet get tired and achy, and i must have an alternate pair for trade-offs. But i wore these shoes everyday, all day... no trading off. Comfortable enough for street wear and enough tread to scramble up and down rocky trails. The color is eye-catching several strangers stopped me in a gallery or museum to ask about these shoes. Didnt experience any serious rain or slip into any creeks so the water resistant quality has not been tested yet. Although walking through tall wet grass my feet did remain dry.
love this shoe
Lone Peak 3.0 Review:
I have mortons neuroma so it is hard to find a shoe that I can walk in for fitness. I have the Lone Peak 2.5 which was my first pair of this brand. I have no pain in them. I got this pair next. I can walk distances in either pair without any ball of foot pain at all. I have been through many expensive shoes before this that did not work for my feet. I took this pair (the Lone Peak 3.0) on a trip out to Yellowstone/Grand Tetons/Jackson, where I did a lot of hiking. No pain.. And the tread was great on the gravelly trails. I wish they would make a high-top version for terrain that requires some ankle support.
So happy with these shoes
Provision 2.5 Review:
I've been having problems with a lot of pain in the balls of my feet. Two different doctors couldn't find the problem. A friend recommended these shoes. I love them. No more foot pain when working out! I also ordered a pair of their casual shoes for everyday wear.
This is light and great for people who need a wide
Intuition™ 3 Review:
Casual use
instant love
Intuition 3.5 Review:
I don't want to take these off.

About Altra

Nearly 20 years after opening a family-operated "dream" running store, Altra's founders still felt that there was a large gap in the athletic shoes marketplace for truly biomechanically correct footwear. And so the Altra brand was born from the belief that shoes shouldn't encourage a heel strike; they should let the body move naturally.

For years, the Altra team experimented with cutting down the heels of regular running shoes to test their proprietary Zero Drop™ theory and saw incredible results with staff and customers alike. It eliminated injuries and helped people get back into running. Working with engineers, designers, elite runners and biomechanical experts, Altra started making prototypes to bring this innovative footwear to the masses. Altra's unique, Zero Drop™, foot-shaped, gender-specific designs to help everyone run naturally.

Blending cushioned protection with the benefits of barefoot freedom, Altra footwear is designed to reduce injury and promote proper technique for the most natural run. Every shoe features Zero Drop™ technology and a foot-shaped, gender-specific design so everyone can find the right fit to run better and, most importantly, healthier.