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Blending cushioned protection with the benefits of barefoot freedom, Altra footwear is designed to reduce injury and promote proper technique for the most natural run.

Latest Altra customer reviews
Almost spot on!
Lone Peak 2.0™ Review:
Been wearing my shoes for work since I'm on my feet all day, they are very comfy. Although I do not wear them everyday or mistreat them they are coming unglued at the toe! I've only had them a month, not much wear and tear on them. So needless to say it's a disappointment.
After 3 foot surgeries, best shoe ever for comfort
Olympus 1.5™ Review:
After 3 foot surgeries on one foot for bunion and neuromas, this has been the best shoe I have found for all day comfort. I can shop with my kids in the mall longer, go on hikes and just be happier throughout the day because my foot doesn't hurt after a couple of hours of activity. I just wish there was a stylish version that would be good for work.
Great Shoes, Baffling Sizes
Superior 2.0™ Review:
These light and tough-lugged trail shoes are the first I've owned. I've worn various models of the Altra Zero Drop Shoes (Instinct 1.5 and 2.0, Provision 2.0) for a few years. I love the shoe shape and feel. As a trail novice, the Superior 2.0 was the right choice to move from pavement to path. Altra's sizing, though, is baffling. The Instinct 1.5 was a perfect fit in a 12.5. The Provision 2.0 was far too tight in the same size. The Instinct 2.0 was a full size too big in a 12.5. The Superior 2.0 stays true to the inconsistency: even in a 13, the shoe was too small. With no half-sizes available beyond size 13, I ended up with a 14 that was only marginally too big. That's a size-and-a-half swing between shoe styles and models. The discrepancy makes it difficult to feel any comfort that shoes ordered online will, in fact, fit when they arrive. Sizing issues aside, the Superior 2 is a great shoe. The ride is responsive. The large lugs provide ample traction on all surfaces. With the included removable rock plate, the Superiors provide underfoot protection on the toughest trails. Foot and ankle protection is further enhanced by a gaiter trap with attachments for third-party gaiters. The width sizing is perfect, minimizing lateral movement inside the shoe. And the toe-box - the hallmark of all Altra shoes - is just the perfect shape and feel. If you can absorb the risk of an exchange based on odd, inconsistent sizing, the Altra Superior 2.0 is a great trail-running shoe that comes highly recommended.
Your toes will spread
The One2™ Review:
These a great pair of 0 drop running shoes. They are lightweight, feather-like. Your toes will also spread out as this shoe has a wide box toe. You might not like for aesthetic reasons it as these shoes look like a pair of bowling shoes. If you are looking for practical, lightweight and comfortable shoes this I definitely recommend the One2 (squared).
Perfect for my feet
The Intuition Everyday Review:
I love these shoes. They are my new everydays and I just ordered a second pair. I tend to find one pair of shoes that work for my feet and wear them daily. I have very large bunions and it is not comfortable being barefoot. Negative heels take the pressure off the ball of the foot, so I have been wearing Earth Shoes (now Kalso) exclusively for the last 15 years. I have Earth shoes in slippers, sneakers, boots, dressy and casual styles. Sadly, the selection at Kalso has shrunk so I decided to give Altra a try. I have always ordered 8.5, but my new orthodics don't fit well, so I went up to a size 9 in these. At first, they were perfect, but after wearing them for a month or so, the toe box has relaxed somewhat and my toes are just hitting the end of the shoe. Not uncomfortable, but I am ordering another pair in a size 9.5 to try. They seem sturdy enough to me. I walk 3 miles/day in them as well as all day wear.

About Altra

Nearly 20 years after opening a family-operated "dream" running store, Altra's founders still felt that there was a large gap in the athletic shoes marketplace for truly biomechanically correct footwear. And so the Altra brand was born from the belief that shoes shouldn't encourage a heel strike; they should let the body move naturally.

For years, the Altra team experimented with cutting down the heels of regular running shoes to test their proprietary Zero Drop™ theory and saw incredible results with staff and customers alike. It eliminated injuries and helped people get back into running. Working with engineers, designers, elite runners and biomechanical experts, Altra started making prototypes to bring this innovative footwear to the masses. Altra's unique, Zero Drop™, foot-shaped, gender-specific designs to help everyone run naturally.

Blending cushioned protection with the benefits of barefoot freedom, Altra footwear is designed to reduce injury and promote proper technique for the most natural run. Every shoe features Zero Drop™ technology and a foot-shaped, gender-specific design so everyone can find the right fit to run better and, most importantly, healthier.