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Ahnu makes the outdoors more accessible by engineering performance shoes with modern organic aesthetics, on-trend designs and sleek, vibrant colors for active men and women.

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light airy feeling shoe
Alta Review:
I always wear a 7.5 and the 6.5 fit me ...only slightly snug at width and top of foot, but i like the feeling of my foot staying in place. there is an elastic band on one of the straps, so it allows for some stretch. My feet are average to slightly wide width. The 7.5 i tried kind of fit, but my foot was loose in them and the front of the shoe seemed to be made for someone with very long toes...even in the 6.5, i find the front of the shoe slightly longer than it needs to be for my toes. Still i love the light airy feel of the shoe and very comfortable to walk around in.
Good shoes
Elkridge Review:
Service with respect to shipping was not as promised. Feel free to call me about it. Best regards Rick Van Heest
Ahnu I would like these shoes
Yoga Flex Review:
Good shoe for light workout. Would not be good for Cross Training with a lot of jumping.
cute, comfortable heel, thin toe coverage
Sugarpine WP Review:
I'm usually a Merrell wearer but these looked like a great ventilated summer alternative, so I decided to give them a try. I usually wear a 7 and that size worked fine for these. What I like: The colors are nice, mine are blue with purple soles. I love that the eyelets are metal to allow the laces to adjust as I walk. (As opposed to the Merrell ventilators with tight fabric loops with textured laces that keep the laces from adjusting and strangle my feet.) The heels are also very comfortable and padded. What I don't like: The toe area is not padded at all. There's almost nothing there so the balls of my feet started hurting pretty soon. Also the heels are so padded that it has a slight height to it and it puts more pressure on the toes/ball of the foot. That makes the lack of padding more annoying. I hate thick socks so that's not an option, so I need to find a padded insert, which might make the toe box too tight. Overall, nice shoes, just don't work for me in the unpadded toe area.
Very Comfortable!
Karma Review:
I was looking for shoes that I can stand on my feet all day in and these work for me! I work in an office and we dress business casual and these work great for pants and dresses both!

About Ahnu

Ahnu footwear was born in the San Francisco Bay Area in the spring of 2007 by Jenny Fredericks and Jacqueline Van Dinefriends, mothers, athletes and industry veterans who share a work hard/play hard philosophy. Preferring trails over treadmills, they yearned for active products that made you look as good as you feel, and feel as good as you look. Joined by Jim Van Dine, the three founders combined their passions by engineering performance shoes with modern organic aesthetics, on-trend designs and sleek, vibrant colors. By making “outdoor” more accessible, just as fun and a little less “agro,” they hope to inspire life of nature sufficiency.

Ahnu manufacturers work with leading biomechanists, designers and athletes to develop footwear that will provide the appropriate balance of traction, grip, flexibility, cushioning and durability for a variety of outdoor activities whether on trails, beaches or sidewalks. Ahnu pioneered Numentum™ Technology; a neutral positioning system engineered to encourage your foot's natural biomechanics. It is designed to center and guide the foot to promote an efficient, stable and balanced stride.

From factory standards that adhere to Deckers Ethical Supply Chain Standards, among the toughest standards in the industry, to the use of certified post-consumer recycled fibers in our catalogs and packaging, our commitment is visible throughout all aspects of the Ahnu brand.