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About Adidas

adidas creates cutting-edge and classic adidas shoes, apparel and bags for men, women, and kids—all designed to enhance your performance as well as your active lifestyle.

Latest Adidas customer reviews
The Classics Never go out of style
Samba® Suede Review:
This is easily my 10th pair of Sambas, and they have always been great! I'll probably have a pair of these in my closet for decades to come.
Great shoe, besides the tongue
Samba® Suede Review:
I liked the shoe except for the tongue. The tongue was a little longer than most shoes that I have worn. I wear low cut socks so the tongue was rubbing against my skin all day. I eventually just tucked the tongue in all was well. Comfortable shoe and looks pretty good, but I have to wear ankle socks so I just found a new shoe instead.
One of the best shoes around!
Samba® Suede Review:
I've been a huge fan of Adidas for years. The only other brand I've worn since High School (thirteen years ago) have been Pumas. The Sambas are a classic, like Chuck Taylor's but a bit less "grungy." Adidas and Puma have never let me down. I have a pair of Adidas Campus SK's that are a year old, went through daily use, and still look like they're brand new. The Sambas are just as durable (though they're white, so try not to scuff them up). I'm a casual soccer player (with friends), and I've been a drummer for 18 years. For soccer, these are fantastic. They play well on any kind of terrain and you get better contact on them than some boots I've worn. They won't tear up your local park's field like cleated football boots would, either. For drumming, I prefer a shoe that isn't too heavy, but is also sturdy/ stiff in all the right places, and the Samba trumps other brands/ models in that regard as well. It's lightweight enough that I can use my bass drum pedal fluidly, with a firm enough heel that I won't slip off my hi-hats pedal. Not that many drummers would likely read this, since we're in much shorter supply than singers, guitarists, or bass players, but if you are, then look no further... the Sambas are ideal for drummers! One minor con is that these seem a bit narrower than the other Samba's I've owned over the years, and the toe is a bit longer as well. I'm not sure if maybe they labeled them wrong during manufacturing or something, or if maybe my pair were just defective somehow, but they aren't off enough to be uncomfortable, to slow me down on the soccer pitch, or to keep me from going faster on one bass pedal than some others do on two. :)
Some of the most comfortable shoes
Samba® Suede Review:
When I bought the black/running white model, I didn't realize it had the super-long tongue. This doesn't bother me much as I use these shoes for bicycle riding and the extra protection may help me someday. Anyway, these shoes are super comfortable and have way more arch support than any other shoe I've tried. (Maybe too much if you're flat footed). Otherwise, give them a try!
Samba® Suede Review:
I've worn sambas for years, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.