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About Sockwell

Feel better and be better in expertly crafted, therapeutic Sockwell sock solutions that combine natural, high-performance materials with cutting-edge knitting techniques.

About Sockwell

At the Sockwell sock company, it's understood that even the smallest detail of garment construction is important to making the best fitting, most comfortable, durable product possible. That's why Sockwell's Thread Architects study every element of construction and materials to ensure each and every design is manufactured to its highest potential.

Beginning by selecting the finest materials best suited for the product at hand, the Sockwell Thread Architects consider all aspects of the wearing experience, including softness and comfort, performance (moisture management, breathability, blister resistance, etc.), durability and design aesthetics. After choosing the optimum yarns and fabrics, Thread Architects use their knowledge from the exhaustive study of product construction to design the best fitting, most comfortable garment available.

Like a bird who builds the perfect nest using a combination of durable, structural elements on the outside and soft, warm materials on the inside, the team behind Sockwell footwear brings together the perfect combination of yarns and construction methods. Trust Sockwell to bring high performance for everyday wear into your wardrobe.