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About Reef

For over 30 years, Reef has created high-quality, multi-functional products drawn from an appreciation for the natural world and designed for the traveling surfer, or the surfer-at-heart.

Latest Reef customer reviews
More than happy!
Rover Mid FGL Review:
These were a gift to a young man, taking a chance on this particular shoe, and he was very happy.
Best flip flops ever!
Stargazer Review:
I have metatarsalgia and this brand/style of flip flop is the only one that I can wear all day without increased pain in the ball of my foot.
cute shoes but...
Walled Low Review:
These casual shoes are very cute. I have them in denim and black, and I love the look. They are reasonably comfortable--not the most supportive shoe for walking but not bad. Both pairs quickly developed wear spots near the break point, and those wear spots are now turning into holes. That's disappointing. I'll wear them until they look tacky. They're cute in the meantime.
Great experience!
Cushion Moon Review:
Great stylish and comfortable shoes!
best flops ive bought in years!
Rover Prints Review:
Great flops! Extra arch support & the thick soles do wonders for my feet and my back

About Reef

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1984, Reef footwear began from a mission to bring a love of surf and beach culture to high-quality, active-lifestyle sandals. Founders and entrepreneur brothers Fernando and Santiago Aguerre moved from South America to Southern California to bring their vision to life; there, the brothers established the Reef brand, set up production and produced the first iconic sandal that would prove Reef a leader in manufacturing open-toe footwear.

Today, Reef’s 30-year history has shown Reef thriving as the global surf lifestyle brand that lives to outfit active men, women and kids. Reef draws on inspiration from the needs of the global traveler, offering casual sandals and sneakers that combine function and fashion for out-of-the-box comfort and fashion-forward styling. Integrating innovative comfort and performance technologies in combination with eco-based materials inspired by the Reef Redemption initiative, Reef footwear continues to provide durable, multi-functional products designed with the traveling surfer in mind. 

Reef's design philosophy is deeply rooted in appreciation for the natural world, and their Reef Redemption program reinforces a commitment to preserving it through environmentally-conscious and socially-responsible business practices. Reef wearers might be "Just Passing Through," but they're not doing it without a conscience.