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Today, Lacoste footwear for men and women continues to offer the same quality, comfort and solidity on which the brand first built its name.

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I would definitely buy this product again.
Mokara 316 1 Review:
I wear these shoes casually with jeans or dress shorts and I have gotten plenty of compliments. Great fit and very comfortable.
Great sneaker when you want to dress up a bit.
Lerond 316 1 Review:
Great shoes, comfortable and stylish. Arrived very quickly!
Very cute
Sevrin 316 1 Review:
I bought these as a Christmas present for my boyfriend-I'm sick of him wearing tennis shoes on date night! These are cute and dressier without being uncomfortable for him.
I love to buy again..
Mokara 316 1 Review:
Yeh I love this shoes...
i love these Lacoste shoes!
Gazon 216 1 Review:
These red Lacoste shoes have quickly become one of my favorite pair of shoes! They are attractive and yet stylishly fun. I wear them with jeans or slacks and always get compliments on them. They are most comfortable and great for walking. I bough them to wear on a cruise but am continuing to wear them throughout the fall. Anyone who likes red will certainly enjoy them!

About Lacoste

René Lacoste, a tennis legend, was born in France on July 2, 1904 and died on October 12, 1996. Nicknamed "the Alligator" by the American press, after he made a bet with the Captain of the French Davis Cup Team concerning a suitcase made from crocodile skin promised to him after winning an important match, René Lacoste took to wearing a crocodile image embroidered on his sport jackets.

In 1933, René Lacoste and business partner André Gillier, founded a company to manufacture the logo-embroidered shirt. Originally designed for Lacoste's own use on the tennis court, the brand soon expanded to produce a number of other shirts for tennis, golf and sailing, all offered in the first catalog from 1933.

This branded polo shirt revolutionized men’s sportswear and replaced the woven fabric, long-sleeved, starched classic shirts. The first Lacoste shirt was white, slightly shorter than its counterparts, had a ribbed collar, short sleeves with ribbed bands and was made of a lightweight, knitted fabric called "Jersey petit piqué."

The enduring legacy of the Lacoste brand has widely expanded over the years. Its famous crocodile emblem can now be seen on footwear and a wide variety of lifestyle accessories for men and women.