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About Icebug

Icebug boots and shoes—"Swedish footwear for the new outdoors"—feature rugged and street-ready styles alike that are equipped to tackle challenging terrain and conditions year round.

Latest Icebug customer reviews
I am very pleased with purchase
Icebug Insoles FAT LOW Review:
Very comfortable
Happy feet now!
Icebug Insoles FAT LOW Review:
If you need good insoles buy these. The arch support is fantastic.
These boots are amazing!
Speed-L BUGrip® Review:
Feel very stable on ice and snow!
Comfortable and fun
Cortina-L BUGrip® Review:
This is the best boot for outdoors. I walk the hills and roads with my 3 dogs. These boots have the traction I need for walking in snow, mud, etc. I never feel like I might fall because of the great traction these boots have. I have worn them outside every day since Christmas, when I purchased them, when I take my dogs out for a run, 3-4 times a day, they are my go-to boots. They are very comfortable, as well. I only purchase shoes/boots that are comfortable and fun to wear. I love these boots. I am thinking of getting another pair just to keep on hand.
Good for narrow feet
Cortina-L BUGrip® Review:
It did not work out for me. It is a narrower cut. I was also looking for something that was made in Iceland or Swiss and this were not. I am returning them.

About Icebug

Icebug, established in Sweden 2001, is an innovative company whose distinctive logo was inspired by a special bark beetle that happens to be an excellent ice climber. Dedicated athletes and outdoorspeople, from runners to hikers to snow shovelers to urban commuters, require secure grip year-round, even in very wet, very cold, or very challenging conditions, so Icebug boots and shoes for men and women feature technologies to help customers achieve their goals.

In addition to offering a full range of dependable weather resistance, waterproofing and insulating properties that keep its hardiest styles warm and comfortable to -40°, Icebug footwear has introduced notable outsole innovations that sets the company apart from the also-rans.

Winner of the Scandinavian Outdoor Award in 2008, BUGweb® technology—included in certain Icebug styles—provides dynamic outdoor traction on demand: It consists of a stretchy rubber matrix, embedded with dynamic, carbide-tip studs, that integrates into and out of the soles of compatible Icebug men's and women's footwear, as needed.

Icebug's BUGrip® sole, found in many styles of Icebug winter boots, takes traction up a few notches, with between 15 and 19 integrated, dynamically responsive steel studs to tackle the most demanding surfaces and situations, from dry asphalt to pure ice.

Contrary to the company's name, Icebug shoes aren't limited to winter environments: A notable development found in many of their hiking boots and trail sneakers is RB9X®, or "Rubber 9 Extreme," a rubber outsole compound that provides exceptional friction without compromising durability and abrasion resistance.

For work or play, you deserve footwear that won't fall down on the job, so check out the range of Icebug men's and women's boots and shoes at Your tailbone will thank you.