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For plush cushioning and a "maximalist" experience, men's and women's Hoka One One running shoes deliver stability, pronation control and comfort at a light performance weight.

Latest Hoka One One customer reviews
Love these shoes.
Stinson 3 ATR Review:
I work 12+ hour days and these shoes allow me to stay on my feet all day without problems.
Excellent support & cushioning
Clifton 3 Review:
Have owned several pairs before. Always good quality & comfort.
Love My Hokas - always listen to your knowledgeabl
Bondi 4 Review:
I am a speed walker, snowshoer and have issues with my feet (mainly under the upper area above arch I get burning sensation). These Hokas are terrific. I ordered a size 9 and a size 8.5. I usually am an 8.5 but they were too narrow. The 9's are a little too long but I figure I can add an insole and in the heat when my foot swells I am better off especially since the 8.5 felt too narrow. I do love the support. My smart girlfriend who is extremely active told me about the line.
Excellent product
Infinite Review:
Very comfortable & helps my bad knees. Wear every day for casual & exercise.
best shoes ever
Bondi 4 Review:
I started to running after I had this Bondi 4, no more foot pain.

About Hoka One One

In 2009, French nationals Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard—longtime mountain runners affiliated with Salomon—came up with a "maximalist" footwear concept inspired by oversized designs incorporated into sporting goods ranging from powder skis to tennis racquets to mountain bike fat tires. The theory behind providing both a greater stack height and base width, as with other oversized equipment, is to provide a larger "sweet spot" to enhance performance: Featuring construction that avoids excess materials and a distinctive "platform" profile, Hoka One One (pronounced "HO-kah OH-nay OH-nay") running shoes feature up to 2.5x the volume of standard running shoes.

With their light weight, softer density, greater rebounding foam, deep foot frame, minimum drop and rolling rocker profile, women's and men's Hoka One One running shoes deliver an inherently stable yet dynamically responsive ride engineered to reduce fatigue and the amount of stress on the lower legs and body, particularly over longer distances: Strategically placed signature Meta-Rocker geometry is engineered to promote efficient, tuned running mechanics, improving the gait cycle. Although these distinctive running shoes were originally conceived with ultrarunners and recovery in mind, Deckers Outdoor Corporation—which acquired the company in late 2012—is dedicated to continue broadening the mass appeal and product line of Hoka One One women's and men's running shoes. On pavement, track or outdoor trail, there's a style designed to meet your maximal-cushioned needs.