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Shoes should do more than look great; Gravity Defyer's Versoshock™ Reverse Trampoline Technology takes the "hard" out of standing on hard surfaces, leaving you feeling great all day.

Latest Gravity Defyer customer reviews
Very Comfortable
Hugh Review:
I was looking for a pair of sandles that I could wear a lot in warmer weather. These are very comfortable and are made well. However, be warned that they do have an extra bit of material on the heel that gives you a little "bounce". I had no idea that was there and it took some getting used to. So, once you get used to that "spring" (not sure how else to explain it), I found them very comfortable.
good support
Galaxy II Review:
I use them for all outdoor walking, about 10 mi per week but bought them for walking Europe in fall, then I average 5 mi. per day....
Finally, Cushy Shoes & Arch Support
Extora II Review:
I wear these shoes on a daily basis. I have a bad back and have a stand up desk at work, so the extra cushy sole and arch support are very nice. I still am waiting for them to get broken in more, as they are still a little stiff, which can get a little uncomfortable at the end of the day if I have to do a lot of walking. I do expect that this will improve as I get them broken in though.
I ordered another immediately!!!
Extora II Review:
I found them very comfortable. I always have pain in the top of my feet but this shoe takes all that stress away from the top of my feet & they don't hurt. I feel they are designed for people like me that have a foot problem with the spring in the heel like it is. It helps take lots of shock & stress off my feet both of them. I would recommend this shoe for people with arthritis in their feet and if you have to be on them for quite a while every day.
So good I bought another pair
Extora II Review:
I had been waiting for few months for them to get them available in my size plus waiting on your big 30% off sale. I just received my shoes and have only worn them twice. I have a foot that really hurts me on top of it but with the spring in the heel as these have it took the pressure off the top of my foot. They felt so good that Wednesday before the sale ended I ordered another pair for every day wear around the house to keep one pair looking nice for work. I would not hesitate a minute to order another pair. I love the fit and the relief from pain I received in my feet.

About Gravity Defyer

By applying advanced footwear technology to every shoe they make, the Gravity Defyer brand has set out to redefine comfort. Every pair of men's and women's dress shoes, casual shoes, sandals, boots and athletic shoes all feature the Impact Research Technology's VersoShock™ trampoline sole. This patented, innovative comfort element defies gravity by absorbing harmful shock that may cause pain in your feet, knees, legs and hips. VersoShock™ and the all-new VS2 VersoShock™ trampoline soles deliver relief from standing on hard surfaces like concrete, brick and tile by reducing nerve pressure and allowing your muscles to relax.

Building every design with the belief that a better fit produces better performance, the Gravity Defyer craftsmen are able to provide their most popular footwear in a wide range of widths and sizes. With contemporary style lines, high-quality leathers and materials, ground-breaking technologies and handcrafted construction techniques, Gravity Defyer lets you “wow” friends with your footwear as you toast special occasions, stroll exciting tourist destinations, or get back to the gym in footwear as unique, fashionable and smart as you are.