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Shoes should do more than look great; Gravity Defyer's Versoshock™ Reverse Trampoline Technology takes the "hard" out of standing on hard surfaces, leaving you feeling great all day.

Latest Gravity Defyer customer reviews
Positive thoughts on my new Extora II's
Extora II Review:
I've just had my gravity defyer Extora II shoes for just a few weeks. I really enjoy wearing them. They may well be the most comfortable shoes I've ever had. Recently I had a total right knee replacement, and the coil springs in the heals of the Extoras seem to make walking very easy my knees. I'd love these shoes even if I didn't have a knee replacement. These are the first pair of shoes I've ever ordered thru the mail, and they fit perfectly. That was a big plus. Can't say how long they will hold up, but from the quality they appear to be I bet they will last me a good long time!
Great Shoes
Extora II Review:
I use my Extora II every day. Because of my 56 years as a diabetic, my foot care is extremely important. G Defyers have been the answer. I have already ordered three pairs, and a pair for my father and fiancé. Simply love the comfort and construction of these shoes.
Comfort in Middle School
Super Walk Review:
I love these shoes! I work at a Middle school where I am on my feet all day. I have Plantar Fasciitis and 2 heel Spurs on one foot. These shoes allow me to stay on my feet all day and steve able to walk for exercise later in the day! (Before these shoes I could hardly walk by the time achy ended)
Best shoes ever!
Nexta Review:
My arthritic toes thank me for buying these shoes! They're my everyday shoes; I wear them for working out and walking, as well as running errands. At the end of the day, I don't ache to take them off, as has been the case with so many others. I don't tolerate them, I enjoy them.
Better than expected
Gamma Ray Review:
After reading reviews I was afraid of what size to order so I ordered the WIDE width of my normal size. Shoes fit fine and would have probably fit fine at my standard width as well, I have even added my orthotics into the shoes along with the 2 inserts that come with the shoes. They are very comfortable to stand in for long periods of time, although a little heavy as I expected. Overall, I am happy with my purchase and grateful to have found them here for a lower price. Thank you.

About Gravity Defyer

By applying advanced footwear technology to every shoe they make, the Gravity Defyer brand has set out to redefine comfort. Every pair of men's and women's dress shoes, casual shoes, sandals, boots and athletic shoes all feature the Impact Research Technology's VersoShock™ trampoline sole. This patented, innovative comfort element defies gravity by absorbing harmful shock that may cause pain in your feet, knees, legs and hips. VersoShock™ and the all-new VS2 VersoShock™ trampoline soles deliver relief from standing on hard surfaces like concrete, brick and tile by reducing nerve pressure and allowing your muscles to relax.

Building every design with the belief that a better fit produces better performance, the Gravity Defyer craftsmen are able to provide their most popular footwear in a wide range of widths and sizes. With contemporary style lines, high-quality leathers and materials, ground-breaking technologies and handcrafted construction techniques, Gravity Defyer lets you “wow” friends with your footwear as you toast special occasions, stroll exciting tourist destinations, or get back to the gym in footwear as unique, fashionable and smart as you are.