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Johnston & Murphy Technology
Airport Friendly
Airport-friendly shoes are built without metal, allowing the wearer to pass through metal detectors without removing their shoes.

Bondwelt Construction
The upper and sole are secured together with an articulated welt in the forward portion of the footwear for long-lasting durability with the comfort and cushion of an athletic shoe.

California Construction
California construction joins the upper by smoothly wrapping it under the insole to produce a very casual look.

Cement Construction
In cement construction, the shoe's upper is pulled over the inner sole to attach underneath it. Texture is applied to the upper to help adhesion, and the outer sole is glued onto it. Cement construction provides very secure attachment and excellent water resistance, yet is light and flexible.

Dri-Lex® Lining
Dri-Lex® Lining helps evaporate moisture and resist odor and mildew for freshness and cool, dry comfort.

Dual Width
Certain styles of Johnston & Murphy shoes feature a removable cushioned insole in addition to a fixed cushioned footbed. Removing the top insole effectively transforms a medium, or regular, width into a wide width shoe while still retaining comfortable underfoot cushioning.

Flex System™
Sole construction allows for enhanced flexibility, superior cushioning and breathability for ease of wear for out-of-the-box comfort.

H2O Drainage System
A patented technology featuring a perforated footbed that allows water to drain while active carbon mesh wicks water away from the foot. Multiple drainage holes allow one-way water dispersion.

Handsewn Moccasin Construction
This construction starts with a single piece of leather on the bottom of the shoe, stitched around a last. The vamp is handsewn with locked whip stitching to ensure comfort and durability.

LiTe™ Cushion System
Lightweight, durable materials provide incredible comfort and range of movement. Three-part insole works to maintain shape, cushion the ball area of your foot, and provide needed heel support. Molded, leather-covered latex insert provides superior cushioning while an anti-bacterial coating prevents foot odor. High-density TPU pad on the outsole gives added durability to the most used part of your shoe.

Littleway Construction
Also known as "inside-stitched" construction, this lightweight, flexible construction is achieved by turning the leather inward. Rows of stitching are then set vertically through the insole and midsole, protecting the stitching from abrasion.

Optima® Comfort System
With this design-engineered technology, multiple inserts target specific parts of the foot for optimal comfort and healthful breathability. A foam rubber insole cushion, heel cushion, and three-piece insole unit provide maximum cushioning for the entire footbed. A heel rand, fiberglass shank, and rubber heel deliver durability and excellent support. Optima® shoes feature a replaceable leather sole and are assembled using Goodyear® welt construction for weather-resistant durability and flexible comfort.

Optima® Cushion System
Multiple inserts target specific parts of the foot for optimal comfort. Foam rubber insole cushion, heel cushion, and three-piece insole unit provide maximum cushioning for your whole footbed. Heel rand, fiberglass shank, and rubber heel deliver durability and excellent support.

San Crispino Construction
San Crispino Construction adds flexibility to the forefoot and stability to the heel.

Strobel Construction
Stitching of a sole-shaped fabric board to the upper of the shoe that is slipped onto a last, closing the upper with stitches around the perimeter of the sole for a flexible fit and feel.

Trampoline® Cushion System
Superior technology between the footbed and sole put bounce in each step you take. EVA foam insole, heel cushion, and Poron® foam midsole all work in conjunction to provide excellent cushioning and shock absorption. Superior stability and flexibility are delivered through a three-piece insole unit, a cork filler, and a heel rand.

Tubular Construction
Tubular construction is a specialized technique in which each individual shoe is crafted from a single section of leather to enhance flexibility and reduce chafing.

Vibram® Gumlite® Sole
This high-performing rubber outsole is lightweight and flexible; it supplies shock absorption and traction.

Welt Construction
Stitches the upper fabric, lining, and sole together, creating a single unit for added durability.

XC4™ Comfort System
XC4™ provides technology-driven comfort for an all-around superb shoe experience. Molded arch support, a contoured heel, and composite shank provide excellent stability for your foot. A soft gel insole and shock-dispersing heel insert protect and cushion the footbed. A specially scored foam midsole and latex rubber outsole provide superior flexibility and mobility.