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Timberland Technology
Advanced Combination Construction
A insole to outsole design encompassing: Strobel® construction for flexibility, advanced arch support offering medial and lateral support, contoured shock diffusion plate in the heel, and outsole lug placement for natural foot movement.

Agile IQ Footbed
A removable footbed design that distributes the force from each step throughout, with cushion and stability in stride.

Agile IQ Heel
A cushion midsole piece adding cushion and stability during heel strike.

Agile IQ System
Features a three-quarter length stability plate for forefoot flexibility; a starburst in the heel keeps the heel in place for superior control and responsiveness.

Agion® Antimicrobial Technology
Using ionized silver and other fibers, Agion® treatment, an environmentally friendly technology, destroys or inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and fungus, and is designed to last the life of the product into which it has been incorporated.

Agion™ Lining
Footbed is wrapped with fibers that inhibit the growth of microbes. This helps reduce odor-causing bacteria.

Airport Friendly
Shoes built without metal, allowing the wearer to pass through metal detectors without removing their shoes.

Aluminized Strobel® Construction
In standard Strobel® construction, a sole-shaped fabric board is stitched to the upper of the shoe, a combination that is then slipped onto a last, closing the upper with stitches around the perimeter of the sole for a flexible fit and feel. Aluminized Strobel® construction increases warmth by reflecting radiant heat back toward the foot, guarding against the cold ground.

Anti-Fatigue Technology
Timberland's anti-fatigue technology is designed to provide all-day comfort and support. Molded, inverted cones in the midsole absorb shock and return energy in key pressure zones. Geometric cone construction results in less material for lighter weight without compromising structural strength.

B.S.F.P.™ Motion System
An outsole design encompassing: solid braking on ascent and descent, support under the arch, flex grooves in the toe area, and forefoot lug design that propels the foot with efficiency. This design increases traction and creates greater durability.

Bi-Fit® Tridensity Footbed
This footbed chassis combines cradled heel and arch support with a flexible forefoot for maximum support.

Bionic® Canvas
Made with Bionic® yarn, this unique canvas material uses a 38% recycled PET core and a 50% double-helix outer formation of organic cotton (grown without pesticides), plus 12% polyester. With a look and feel like ordinary, natural cotton twill but 30% stronger, this performance fabric features decreased drying times as well as increased strength and abrasion resistance.

Boa® Lacing System
A fully integrated lacing system that micro-adjusts the shoe fit, starting with an exterior dial on the top of the heel. The integrated system tightens from each key point around the foot for a custom fit, no pressure points, and a laceless design.

Climatepath™ Lining
This lining improves air circulation and reduces drying time.

Comforia™ System
A women’s specific insole with: a piece that sets the heel in a comfort position, an arch guide for support, forefoot suspension, and a toe brake piece to keep the foot stable. This system increases all-over comfort from heels to flats.

Composite Toe
A non-metallic, non-magnetic toe cap that resists corrosion. Meets ASTM F2412-05 and F2413-05 standards for impact and compression.

Corral Rubber Outsole
This non-marking rubber outsole provides superior chemical resistance, heat resistance and slip resistance, plus excellent abrasion resistance, cushioning, flexibility, protection against metal chips and oil resistance.

Crash Blaster™
Timberland's Crash Blaster™ technology reduces shock on kids' bodies by providing enhanced cushioning for running, jogging and playing hard.

Crosstech® Fabric
Crosstech® fabric by W.L. Gore offers protection against blood, bodily fluids, and common chemicals. The material meets ASTM F1671 standards for blood-borne pathogen resistance and ASTM F903C standards for chemical resistance. Crosstech® fabric is flexible, waterproof, and breathable.

Defender Repellent System
Bolstered with Scotchgard™, this protective, highly resilient upper finish is engineered specifically to address the dynamic environmental conditions military footwear may be subjected to in the combat theater. It protects leathers, textiles and stitching, repelling and preventing the absorption of water, kerosene, diesel fuel, used motor oil, transmission fluids, alcohol and car wash detergent.

Design for Disassembly (DFD)
This indicates that a boot or shoe has been expressly designed to be easily taken apart, recycled and/or repurposed. Often lighter in weight, these styles use fewer materials and incorporate greater recycled content than more traditionally manufactured footwear. The intended goal is to significantly reduce environmental impact by creating "cradle-to-cradle" products with components that can be reused in new footwear or recycled into new materials.

Direct Attach Construction
A process in which the outsole chemically bonds directly to the boot upper in manufacturing, providing flexibility and durability.

Does It Fit? Sock Liner
A special removable sock liner parents can use to see when their child has outgrown their shoes.

Dryz® Intellitemp™ Footbed Cover
This footbed cover manages moisture next to the skin while it kills odors and odor-causing bacteria.

DWR (Durable Water Repellent)
Apparel, shoes and accessories labeled Durable Water Repellent have an exterior coating that encourages water to bead and roll off, keeping you and your possessions dry.

Earthkeepers® products represent Timberland's best efforts to put their environmental values into action, including striving to use natural and/or recycled materials wherever possible, providing Green Index ratings to reflect Timberland products' environmental footprint, and planting millions of trees around the planet.

Earthkeepers™ products represent Timberland's best efforts to put their environmental values into action.

Easy Dry™ Liner
The innermost lining that pulls moisture away for a dry and cool environment within.

ecoSmart® environmental materials are manufactured from 100% recycled PET from beverage bottles.

EcoSmart® Polyester Fiber
Used to create breathable, eco-conscous footwear linings, these fibers are made from 100% recycled PET (post-consumer plastic bottles).

Electrical Hazard Protection
The outsole is designed to provide protection from open circuits. Meets ASTM F2412-05 and F2413-05 standards for safety.

Electro Static Dissipative (ESD)
Meets SD Static Dissipative, ASTM F2412-05 and F2413-05 standards to provide protection from static buildup or discharge.

Endoskeleton™ Suspension
This internal suspension system enhances comfort and performance by controlling impact deflection while it offers arch support and forefoot flexibility.

EVA Midsole
A cushioned layer in the middle of the sole of the shoe made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, a synthetic compound easily shaped by heat and pressure.

Ever-Guard™ Leather
Enhanced waterproof leather that provides protection against abrasion and heat in high-wear areas.

Goodyear Welt Cast-Bond™ Construction
Creates a durable mechanical and chemical bond.

Goodyear™ Welt Construction
Stitches the upper fabric, lining, and sole together creating a single-unit for added durability.

GORE-TEX® Membrane
A waterproof and breathable membrane laminated to the interior of a shoe or boot, which keeps feet dry and comfortable by allowing perspiration vapor to pass through and out of the footwear.

A microporous membrane that is highly breathable, durable, and waterproof. It is 25% more breathable than ‘classic’ Gore-Tex®.

Green Index®
Through manufacture, the Timberland Green Index® rates a product on its climate impact, chemical usage and resource consumption on a scale from 0 to 10. The lower the number, the smaller the environmental impact.

Green Rubber™
Green Rubber™ outsoles are partially recycled, made from post-consumer tire rubber.

Gripstick™ + Green Rubber™
Timberland's revolutionary sole technology combines eco-conscious Green Rubber™ material with the superior traction qualities of the terrain-tested Gripstick™ compound. Made using DeLink™ technology—a process that converts scrap rubber to a recycled compound—Green Rubber™ contains 42% recycled material. Timberland's stickiest rubber compound, lab- and field-tested Gripstick™ rubber is a specially blended rubber compound with specific traction and durability properties.

Gripstick™ Rubber Outsole
This rubber provides dependable traction.

Helcor® Leather
Using a patented process, Helcor® leathers feature an extremely thin finish layer that imparts waterproofing and excellent resistance to abrasion and scuffing without compromising breathability or a soft hand feel.

Independent Suspension Network™
Timberland's exclusive Independent Suspension Network™ (ISN™) system is a multi-density sole with comfort lugs that act independently of each other and adapt to varying worksite conditions. This system provides an additional layer of cushioning for all-day comfort and stability.

An interior metatarsal protection shield using breathable Ortholite® polyurethane and an interior stiffener. Meets ASTM standards of safety for impact and compression.

ion-mask™ Hydrophobic
The ion-mask™ waterproofing process uses a thin coating to protect material from water and stains, enhancing the natural water-resistance of leather while maintaining breathability.

Leather Working Group (LWG) Silver-Rated Tannery
One or more major components of this shoe use at least 50% leather tanned in a facility rated Silver or higher by a third-party environmental audit.

Maxum-Lite® Outsole
The ultimate in comfort and shock absorbency, this lightweight, flexible outsole provides excellent cushioning and energy return, with superior slip-resistant performance.

Meets CSA Grade 1 Requirement
This product is approved by the Canadian Safety Association.

Met Guard
An exterior metatarsal protection shield using breathable Ortholite® polyurethane and Kevlar® thread for durability. Meets ASTM standards of safety for impact and compression.

Metatarsal Impact Protection
Meets or exceeds ASTM F2412-05 and ASTM F2413-05 MT75 metatarsal impact resistant safety standards.

Protective structure that creates a nearly seamless, sculpted system.

Organic Content
One or more major components used in construction of the shoe contains at least 50% certified organic material, such as organic cotton.

OrthoLite® Footbed
Provides cushioning and resists compression for comfort and durability.

OrthoLite® Insole
This insole is self-molding and resistant to compression. It works with SafeGrip™ soles to offer superior shock absorption and cushioning.

Outlast® Adaptive Comfort® Footbed Cover
Outlast® materials moderate temperature by balancing temperature, creating a fresh feel, and absorbing, storing, and releasing heat. This technology keeps you from feeling too hot or too cold.

A lightweight thermoplastic polymer that can easily be formed into specific shapes and varying densities for support.

Polartec® Power Shield® Fabric
A tightly woven nylon face that offer comfort, yet is highly abrasion resistant. Air Core Technology® enables the fabric to block 98% of wind, with 2% allowing moisture transfer for interior comfort.

A high-performance, high-rebound, shock-absorbing memory foam-type material used in footbeds and insoles that efficiently reduces impact, thereby protecting joints, reducing pain and discomfort and fighting fatigue. It also draws moisture away from the foot to maintain a dry and healthy interior.

PowerFit™ Comfort System
The PowerFit™ comfort system uses a combination of ergonomically designed elements at key zones to supply movement and provide critical support--delivering maximum comfort all day.

PreciseFit™ Technology
No two feet are alike, so Timberland designed The Precise Fit™ system. It is a removable and customizable footbed design focusing on the best interior volume fit for each foot. The design can relieve pressure points or take up volume when the shoe is too loose. Changes in sock thickness and activities can also affect the fit and feel. What do you get with the system? A standard footbed and three interchangeable forefoot inserts. Get your precise fit with these five easy steps: 1. Remove the footbed from inside the shoe. 2. Choose a narrow, medium, or wide insert. 3. Slide and lock the insert into place on the bottom side of the footbed. 4. Return the footbed within the shoe, if too loose or too tight, select another insert. 5. Repeat for each foot as necessary for a custom fit.

This soft, lightweight, compressible, patented microfiber insulation offers an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio.

PrimaLoft® Eco
This soft, lightweight, compressible, patented microfiber insulation offers an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio and is made from 50% recycled PET.

Pro 24/7™
A comfort and suspension system including: arch support to decrease fatigue, a shock plate that stabilizes foot while reducing pressure, and a flexible midsole to outsole.

PRO® Rigmaster Outsole
The lug pattern on this work product's polyurethane outsole is engineered in a multi-directional pattern to provide workers in the oil and gas industries with exceptional slip resistance.

PRO® Rubber Outsole
A rubber compound that is heat, oil, abrasion, and slip resistant for enhanced traction.

PRO® Rubber-Protected Steel Toe Cap
The Timberland PRO® rubber-protected steel toe cap provides extreme abrasion resistance and protection.

Puncture-Resistant Outsole
Meets PR Puncture ASTM F2412-05 and ASTM F2413-05 safety standards and features a steel plate designed to minimize the likelihood of puncture wounds caused by sharp objects that could penetrate the sole.

Puncture-Resistant Steel Plate
The puncture-resistant steel plate reduces the threat of underfoot dangers. These plates meet the standards set by OSHA. Testing procedures followed are ASTM F 2412-05 and ASTM F 2413-05.

PVC Free
This product contains no PVC.

This strong, durable fabric is made from 100% recycled PET, and is designed to be lightweight and breathable.

Recycled PET
One or more shoe components contain at least 50% recycled polyethylene terephthalate—the plastic used to make soda bottles. The use of this material to make uppers linings, laces and more helps reduce landfill waste, lessen energy consumption and cut harmful emissions.

Renewable Content
One or more major components of this shoe contain at least 10% renewable content, like hemp or bamboo viscose, which are plant-based materials.

S.Café® yarn incorporates recycled coffee grounds, which capture odors. It dries quickly and provides UV protection—so you can stay outside longer and do more. S.Café® fibers absorb sweat quickly and diffuse moisture efficiently, traps odors within the fiber and then releases them through washing or sunlight and also provides UVA & UVB protection from the sun’s damaging rays.

SafeGrip™ Sole
The SafeGrip™ sole offers lightweight, superior slip resistance combined with shock absorption.

SafeGrip™ Soles
SafeGrip™ Soles offer lightweight, superior slip-resistance combined with shock absorbency.

Sanitized® antimicrobial treatments are used in textile linings and footbeds to reduce odor.

Scotchgard™ Protector by 3M
This coating offers durable resistance to oil and water spills, so cleaning is easier and the leather looks great longer.

SensorFlex™ Technology
Designed to instantly adapt to the ground surface, the SensorFlex™ three-layer system combines a stability layer for support, a suspension layer for cushioning, and flex grooves to allow independent movement, so the foot is protected yet still able to respond dynamically over uneven terrain.

Serdia™ Footbed
A footbed treatment that absorbs moisture and neutralizes footwear odor for dry and healthy feet.

Silver-Rated Tannery
One or more major components of this shoe is made of at least 50% leather tanned in a facility rated Silver or higher by a third-party environmental audit for the Leather Working Group (LWG).

Smart Comfort® Biorhythmic
Footwear with Smart Comfort® Biorhythmic is made on a contoured last for better comfort and no break-in period. It has a 5mm memory foam top layer for instant comfort on a dual-density EVA Smart Comfort® insole. The insole includes innovative biorhythmic air channels to push air through a series of interconnected chambers to provide cushioning and deliver additional support where and when it’s needed most. The insole is leather lined for comfort and durability.

Smart Comfort® Plus
A contoured last with 5mm memory foam in the leather-covered footbed provides instant comfort with no-break-in period. Dual-density EVA spreads impact force and absorbs shock.

Smart Comfort® System
A shoe construction with: a contoured last, zoned force distribution footbed for pressure-free walking, stretch zones in the upper for increased fit, and shock absorbing outsole.

SmartWool® Lining
This ultra-soft material enhances interior comfort by wicking moisture, regulating temperature, and resisting the buildup of odor-causing bacteria.

Splash Blaster™
Designed especially for kids, Splash Blaster™ technology provides water and stain resistance for added protection through mud, rain, and other outdoor obstacles.

Steel Toe
A tempered steel toe cap with a wide flange. Meets ASTM F2412-05 and F2413-05, l/75 and C/75 impact and compression safety standards.

Strobel® Construction
Stitching of a sole-shaped fabric board to the upper of the shoe that is slipped onto a last, closing the upper with stitches around the perimeter of the sole for a flexible fit and feel.

Suspension Heel Technology
Designed to soften each step, absorb shock and reduce impact in women's high-heeled footwear, the Timberland Suspension Heel is characterized by a curved shape to encourage a natural stride and smooth out overall heel-to-toe transitions.

Thermal Safety Toe
Asymmetrical shape provides more room for toes to spread out, bend and flex. Ceramic-based coating provides thermal insulation to toe area. Meets I/75, C/75, impact and compression, ASTM F2412-05 and ASTM F2413-05 safety standards.

Thermolite® Insulation 200-gram
An insulation layer that provides lightweight warmth while retaining the heat produced by the body.

Thermolite® Insulation 400-gram
An insulation layer that provides lightweight warmth while retaining the heat produced by the body.

Thermolite® Insulation 600-gram
An insulation layer that provides lightweight warmth while retaining the heat produced by the body.

Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation
Thinsulate™ Ultra insulation was developed for people who demand extreme outdoor performance. Warmer than most conventional foams, felts or piles, Thinsulate™ microfibers trap and hold body heat, but absorb less than 1% of their weight in water.

Thinsulate™ Zone Insulation
Efficiently insulates the foot by providing warmth without unnecessary bulk. More insulation and loft is provided where heat loss is greatest, while less insulation is used where not needed. The result is enhanced performance, increased comfort, and reduced thermal conductivity.

All TimberDry™ Timberland footwear is waterproof tested: Linings remain dry when 60% of the shoe is submerged in water for four hours; the footwear endures 15,000 flexes in water.

Timberland PRO® Thermal Plastic Urethane Sole
This lightweight, durable, non-marking, abrasion-resistant sole design features an exclusive SafeGrip™ slip-resistant pattern for excellent wet/dry traction. The multi-directional tread offers maximum surface contact.

Timberland® Vent-Tech
Combines the ventilation of mesh with a layer of molded thermoplastic polyurethane for a protective, yet breathable barrier.

TiTAN® Safety Toe
A lightweight, composite metal toe cap, featuring a roomy toe box for comfort. Meets 1/75, C/75 impact and compression, ASTM F2412-05 and F2413-05 safety standards.

TiTAN® XL Safety Toe
Provides more room for toes to spread out, bend and flex. Its asymmetrical shape improves airflow and allows for natural forefoot movement. It meets l/75, C/75 impact and compression, ASTM F2412-05 and ASTM F2413-05 safety standards.

Vibram® EcoStep® Outsole
A medium-soft recycled rubber compound that is highly resilient, flexible, and durable. Reduces shock upon foot strike and reduces foot fatigue.

Vibram® Outsole
A medium-soft rubber compound that is highly resilient, flexible, and durable. Reduces shock upon foot strike and reduces foot fatigue.

The Timberland PRO® Weathergear Protection System provides the ultimate defense against wind, water, snow, ice, mud, dirt and anything else you may encounter out there.