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European design, craftsmanship and the highest quality materials make Blackstone shoes, boots and sandals a head-turning addition to every fashionable wardrobe.

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Nice shoes
JM31 Review:
Good looking pair. The leather is soft. The soles have rubber lining for grip. The insole cussion is conformable. Overall nice, versatile pair.
Upscale versatile leather sneaker
JM11 Review:
Upscale leather sneaker. Good color selection. Versatility of wear options. Low profile modern look. Change out laces for less casual look. All around excellent choice in a category flooded with options. Now have multiple colors.
KM07 Review:
Online shorscustomer service is awful taking my business elsewhere
Better than what I expected.
CM03 Review:
I try to coordinate my wardrobe and and shoes together.
I would order these boots again
KM21 Review:
I enjoy wearing Blackstone shoes, boots and sneakers. These boots fit very well. I would say that they feel like a pair of sneakers when you wear them. The first day I received them I tried them on and forgot that I was wearing a new pair of boots, it usually takes a few days to break in boots, but these felt great the first time I tried them on.

About Blackstone Shoes

With Blackstone Shoes for women and men, style never comes at the price of quality and comfort. The Blackstone brand was established in 1992, a Dutch family company that began with founder Johan Adam de Bruijn. Originally following in his father's footsteps in the leather industry, de Bruijn transformed his experience into a high-quality shoe company. As he taught his trade to sons Dick and Wim, the company's name was changed to Johan Adam de Bruijn & Sons, and eventually the torch was passed.

In 1992, to keep up with changing trends and the highly competitive European footwear market, Dick and Wim changed the focus of the company from being a worker's brand to being design-driven with a clear identity, and the Blackstone shoe brand was born. Focusing on classic—often vintage-inspired—designs with a contemporary twist, edgy and urban without being trendy, always expertly crafted from the highest-quality materials, Blackstone women's and men's shoes, sandals and boots appeal to both the young and the young at heart.