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Cold, wet weather is no match for Baffin boots for men and women, performance footwear designed for rainy city streets, polar extremes, and everything in between.

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Well made boot
Blizzard Review:
I like the rugged style. Keeps feet warm.
Dfeet" the cold !!!
Blizzard Review:
These Bafin winter boots were purchased as a gift for our son. He is employed at a ski mountain and resort in the maintenance dept and spends many hours in the changing weather conditions. These boots are truly giving him the durability, comfort and much needed arch support he needs for the busy days. We would highly recommend them to others.
Excellent style, comfortable fitted winter boot!
Snogoose Review:
Great cushioning for comfort.
A picture is ...
Fairbanks Review:
... sometimes a bit misleading. Loved the look of this shoe in the photo but once I received them, not as much. Hard to put a finger on, but maybe a bit 'clunkier' in the toe box than depicted in the photo. Also a darker, uniform 'chocolate milk' brown than the 'light brown' in the photo. I think with some wear they will 'weather' and look better. Definitely comfortable and seem well constructed, which is highly important. Look great as a casual boot with jeans cargo pants and a sweater or sport jacket. Will see how waterproof they are as it is the rainy season in Oregon.
Ready for AK in January!
Snogoose Review:
Can't wait to try them in AK in January 2017 when I go to watch my daughter-in-law's first multi-day sled dog races!

About Baffin

From polar expeditions to urban treks, Baffin is a proven industry leader in cold- and wet-weather footwear. With a name honoring intrepid English explorer William Baffin—who, in turn, is the namesake of Canada's largest island and the fifth largest island in the world—it's no surprise that rigorously tested Baffin boots and shoes are built to stand up to the challenges presented by the remotest of destinations and conditions of extreme cold.

Based in Ontario, Canada, Baffin is widely recognized for their Polar and Arctic series, "Polar Proven" styles that are designed to keep the feet of polar explorers—including Baffin's own polar trekking team—warm and protected to -100 ºC/-148 ºF—temperatures at which the proper footwear can literally be a matter of life and death. These rugged boots feature Baffin's signature, innovative eight-layer inner boot that cushions, insulates and wicks perspiration while keeping moisture out, for a dry, warm interior.

In addition to the highly engineered components of the inner boot system, advanced Baffin technologies include strong carbon-fiber leathers, silicone-treated, waterproof Timberwolf leather and nubuck, easy-use closures geared toward specific activities, and Icepaw/Icebear outsole designs that deliver sure-footed traction over icy, snow-packed surfaces.

Men's Baffin boots include collections suited to a range of activities and temperatures, from winter hiking and hunting, to ice fishing and mushing, to working in industries that often require reliable protection from the cold and wet, such as oil, construction, mining, forestry and more.

Baffin boots for women add to the list of outdoor-adventure offerings a range of low and tall boots that combine timeless style with protection from the elements, perfect for daily winter commutes, urban exploration and kicking back, après-ski.

Available for both men and women, the Baffin Packables Series consists of waterproof-yet-stylish rain boots that can be rolled up and taken on a trip or stored in the trunk of a car, ready to leap into service in the event of a cloudburst.

Not only is Baffin internationally recognized for the quality and performance of their products, but the company offers exceptional value for everything they deliver. Make sure you're prepared for both blizzard season and the spring thaw: Shop Baffin boots for men and women at OnlineShoes today.